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Quest for the Absolute- 2019 by Rio Tinto

Quest for the Absolute- 2019 by Rio Tinto

The world’s last sales of rarest of rare pink diamonds are going to sell. This is counted as the last pink and red diamonds auction by Rio Tinto in the coming days. As of now, Rio Tinto is the sole owner of the world’s largest pink diamond mine in Western Australia which will be winding up in 2020. The Argyle mine in Western Australia is known as the owner of the lion’s share of the pink diamond market with a supply of 90% pink diamonds in the market. This will be the last year of operation of Argyle mine, as it will be closing in the near future. After that, the process of filling up the mine will be done. Henceforth, there will be a scanty handful of pink diamonds available in the market.

It is the fact that pink diamonds are not available in bulk as the other diamonds are. Surprisingly if the extraction of rough diamonds is one million in quantity, only one percent will be the pink diamonds in it, which can be with a salable to the market. I hope you can understand why this is so costly and rare. The Argyle mine diamonds are so rare that it is not available in the open market. That is why there are the auctions called for these rare pieces of diamonds once in a year. It is so exclusive to the diamond industry, especially to the auction attendees. The first pink diamond auction was done in the year 1984 for the Argyle mine diamonds. After 35 years this auction is taking place in Australia, which seems to be a significant occasion to the pink diamonds lovers. The auction will be organized by the main operating company, Rio Tinto, where almost 56.28 carats of diamonds will be displayed amongst them all is exclusive and elegant. Especially, one of its called, “Enigma”- a 1.75 carats weighing red fancy colored diamond will be explored. It is exclusive, why? Because the red colored fancy diamonds weighing above 1.5 carats are not so easily available. Almost after 40 years, this kind of fancy red-colored diamond is extracted weighing above 1.5 carats.

Here is the list of argyle pink diamonds, displayed in the auction, which is named as “The Quest for the Absolute”, includes six maestro pieces of diamonds as follows:

Lot 1: Argyle’s “Enigma”- the 1.75 carats of fancy red colored modified.

Lot 2: Argyle’s “Amari” – the 1.48 carats fancy purplish vivid pink diamond with a heart shape.

Lot 3: Argyle’s “Elysian” – The modified 1.20 carats weighing fancy vivid pink diamond with cushion-shaped.

Lot 4: Argyle’s “Verity” – It is 1.37 carats of fancy purplish vivid pink diamond with a modified oval shape.

Lot 5: Argyle’s “Opus” – The 2.01 carat fancy intense pink diamond with round shape. The tone of this diamond is envious.

Lot 6: Argyle’s “Avenoir” – it is one of the rare oval-shaped fancy red colored diamonds.

In 2019, Argyle’s Pink diamonds auction (“Quest for the Absolute”) will be showcased in Perth, Hong Kong, and in New York where the bid will be ending on 9th October 2019.



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