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Reasons Why Toronto is one of the Best Places to Start Your Career

Reasons Why Toronto is one of the Best Places to Start Your Career

Toronto is one of the best places for professionals, and following are the reasons:

  • Canadians are considered amongst the happiest people

Even World Happiness Report of 2016 from UN ranked Canada 6th for overall happiness, and the overall happiness is based on several factors, such as life expectancy, economy, social support, generosity, and corruption. And this is the fact, Canadians are honest, nice, and polite people. And they even say “sorry” even if it’s not their fault.

  • Holidays such as statutory and others

In a year, around nine to ten statutory holidays are there in Toronto due to historical birthdays and some religious celebrations. In mid-February, some families celebrate mid-February and is a public holiday for most of the workers, and they get a chance to spend more time with their loved ones. In winters, there are snows on the road so that no one can travel to their jobs.

  • Universal Free Healthcare

Compared to other systems, people living in Toronto has great quality and simplicity in their healthcare system. The system is highly subsidized, and everyone is covered. It doesn’t matter if you have a job or you’re dependent. Your health care is shown when you are hospitalized, and no bills follow you.

  • In North America, you get the best wages

If you start from the bottom, it isn’t that bad in Toronto. The minimum wage around $13.00 per hour in Toronto. As per the government, the minimum wage will rise to $15.20 in June of 2021. So, the students can clear their loans and adults can make their end meets smoothly.

  • Work-Life balance is solid

People in Toronto like their work life and family life separated nicely. They work for regular 8 hours a day and 40 hours a well. If there’s any overtime, extra hours are paid.

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