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Reasons Why You May Want To Consider Halal Food Certificate

Reasons Why You May Want To Consider Halal Food Certificate

Many people eat halal foods because of their religion. However, some may want to consider it because they are concerned with how animals are being treated. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider halal foods even if you do not practice the Muslim religion.

What It Means

When a food receives halal certification it means that strict standards were followed. The meat or poultry was never tortured during their life. They were never locked in a cage all day long and not treated well. Upon their death they were treated humanely as well. They were also only fed an organic diet and were not given any food that contained meat byproducts. Upon their slaughter, these animals are first stunned and then killed humanely. The butcher had to have been a Muslim and recited a prayer beforehand. He had to use a blunt tool to slit the animal’s throat so that it died as quickly as possible and didn’t suffer. After it died, it must have been hung upside down so that all of the blood drained out of its body because according to Muslim law, humans can’t ingest animal blood.

The Taste of Halal Foods

Those who have had both halal certified meat and meat that doesn’t have this certification will often tell you that halal food tastes better. It is tenderer than noncertified meats. It also tends to be fresher and lasts longer because the animal doesn’t have any blood left in it and it’s resistant to bacteria.

You Get More for Your Money

Halal foods can cost more than other foods that have not received this certification, but you do get more for your money. Since there isn’t any blood in the animal, you are actually getting more meat compared to other meat that still has blood in it. Therefore, even though it usually costs more, you end up getting about the same amount of meat for the same price as you would as non-halal foods.

Some Claim its Healthier

While there are no studies to prove this claim, many do think that eating only meat and poultry that has received halal certification and training is healthier. This partly has to do with what the animal has eaten before their slaughter. Since they were never given antibiotics, growth hormones or foods with fillers, overall they tend to be healthier than other animals that were given these items. Also, they aren’t kept in small cages and just bred in masses so that they can be killed and eaten. They are allowed to roam freely and are treated humanely, despite the fact that they will be killed later on.

The Risk of Food Related Illnesses Is Less

It’s not uncommon to hear about people getting sick because they ate food that was contaminated. Because of strict standards when it comes to foods gaining halal certification, this rarely happens. Since the animal being slaughtered can’t be in the presence of other animals, there’s less risk for contamination. Food safety is of utmost importance before, during and after slaughtering an animal. You can visit Halalxpert to get free advice on what to do if you are planning to get your establishment Halal certified.




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