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Robo Advisor: What You Need to Know

Robo Advisor: What You Need to Know

A Robo advisor is an online software application that is currently being used by most investors around the world to help them manage their investments. A Robo advisor software is a good solution for any person who does not want to hire a financial advisor or anyone who wants to invest but lacks the money required to hire a financial advisor. The software can also come in handy for the type of people who have the attitude of “do-it-yourself”.  If you are a “do-it-yourself” individual and you no longer want to select your investments personally, or rebalance and place trades on your accounts manually, then a Robo advisor can come in handy for you. In this article, we discuss some of the essential things that you need to know about using Robo advisors.

What happens when an Individual opens an account with an online digital advisor?  

When you first open an account with a digital advisor the first thing that will happen is that the advisor will have to know and learn about you. The advisor will first need to know about a person’s goals, assess the personal risk tolerance, assess an individual’s investment time horizon and the financial situation of the individual. This whole process is done online, and it is from this information that you feed the digital advisor that will enable it to build an initial customised portfolio of your needs.

An excellent digital advisor is one which adjusts and monitors your portfolio over time as your life changes. This process occurs for one of two primary main reasons: either you let the Robo advisor know that you want to update your online portfolio or all this is identified when the digital advisor checks in on you to make sure that all your online information is up to date.

Who are Robo Advisors Best for?

Robo advisors can immensely help young professionals who are interested in putting their portfolios on “automatic”, or for beginner investors. Robo advisors are also used by investors that have a relatively simple situation.

What Fees are Involved?

By using a Robo advisor, you will have to pay a service fee together with the expenses of the investments that are to be used.  Each digital advisor out there has some reasonable service fee that can be structured as a percentage (%) of assets or as a fixed monthly fee.  The monthly fee change may range from $15 per month to around $200 per month, and this is dependent on the portfolio size.

Benefits of using digital advisors

Avoiding costly investing mistakes is one of the most significant advantages of using Robo advisor software. Research has revealed that most investors tend to get poor outcomes due to their behavior. The reason behind this is because investors are human beings and humans have emotions. Emotions have a way of influencing the decision-making process of an individual. At market highs and market lows, most investors have a characteristic of making emotional decisions that are based on a gut feeling. The reason why it is beneficial to use a digital advisor is that the software does not make these kinds of mistakes that humans make when they mix their decisions with their emotions.

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