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Ryan Mack of San Diego Speaks Out Against Unethical Methods Pose a Serious Risk to Digital Marketing

Ryan Mack of San Diego Speaks Out Against Unethical Methods Pose a Serious Risk to Digital Marketing

Ryan Mack, one of San Diego California’s top marketing executives for the enclave of digital nomads, expressed his thoughts on the unethical methods that he thinks are threats to the industry of digital advertising. Mack has high hopes for San Diego; he is looking forward to the city becoming a digital marketing hub. He sees the potential of technological advancements in making that hope a reality, but he also thinks that they pose a serious risk.

Marketing Agencies

Mack explains that there are some marketing firms that have been using unethical methods to be able to provide their clients with better results. He also points out that there is a possibility that the client has no knowledge that the marketing firm servicing them is actually employing unacceptable tactics. Thus, it is crucial for companies to ascertain whether the agencies that they hire are making use of methods that are acceptable and ethical in digital marketing, advertising, social media marketing, as well as marketing in Facebook and Pinterest. Failure to do this may put their brand at risk.

Pop Up Shops

According to Mack, ‘pop up shops’ are a more common occurrence on social media. This refers to the marketing technique where defective products are being sold using deceitful advertising. Social media makes this easier since marketers can simply start a new campaign if they get caught. He points out that there are those who present their ads on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter in a manner that would make these platforms think that they are using a different ad this time. However, in reality, they are just re-using the same advertisement over and over.

Guerilla Tactics

Mack points out that he doesn’t necessarily think that there is something wrong with using guerilla tactics. In fact, he believes that these tactics can potentially help a company fulfill its objectives more effectively and quickly – provided that the tactics are done ethically. The problem is that there are black hat tactics that technology has allowed people to use more easily. Examples of these tactics are the use of viral content and misleading photos that are not exactly related to the product being marketed.

The extent of social media’s popularity has also perpetuated the use of scare tactics. Scare tactics, just like certain guerilla tactics, are not really bad as long as the pieces of information cited are real facts. Scare tactics become problematic because some marketers tend to fabricate false danger in order to urge consumers to make a purchase. The use of this unethical method has become more and more common now.

Ryan Mack acknowledges that both consumers and companies can benefit from digital marketing but we need to be careful with privacy issues that have arisen of late on Facebook and Twitter where they are accessing too much of our personal data in order to display relevant advertisements. He also recognizes the role that digital advertising can play in helping SMEs and startups fulfill their goals. Mack has been a digital marketing veteran for the last 15 years, and his experience and expertise in marketing has allowed him to become aware of technology’s potentials and risks. Mack passion for marketing is what motivates his convictions. He believes that technological tools and advancements are beneficial, but can also threaten the marketing industry.



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