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Safety Laws and Measures for Banks.

Safety Laws and Measures for Banks.

We’ve all seen those movies like the magical ‘Now You See Me’ and the thrill seeking ‘Inside Man’ where they manage to pull off insane bank heists; But we all know this isn’t completely accurate. Most films like these show the banks to have minimal or no security measures, with no strongrooms, automated shutters or guards. It isn’t realistic and they make it look easy but there are laws and rules in place for banks to stop crime from happening. Some are optional measures the banks can take but others must be followed and failure to do so will result in closure and a risk to the local public and economy. Here we give you the low-down on these steps banks must take to keep your money and valuables safe and sound!

All banks must have all their specific security measures and procedures in case of emergencies, robberies or any other crime, documented within the banks policy and procedure manuals. This MUST include a written security program for each banking office. This is so all workers can guide and help the public who are at the premises who don’t know the procedure in a time of need and all the workers are able to work together, knowing fully well what they need to do to calmly and safely settle the situation at the present moment. This reduces confusion of what to do through all workers and increases the efficiency of all the security measures within a bank.

It is also widely known that banks are required to provide a safe and secure place for the public and any possessions within that specific bank. These are either optional or non-optional and vary from bank to bank, so keep that in mind next time you go down to your local bank and realize a few things aren’t there from this list. This can be done using different security measures such as:

  • Security Guards (Armed or Unarmed)
  • Strongrooms (High Security industrial safes with intricate locking methods)
  • Automated Security Systems (Shutters, Doors, CCTV, Alarms)
  • Bulletproof Glass. (In case of armed robbery)
  • Reinforced Walls/Windows (Like Bulletproof glass, ensures that any weapons or manpower will be lessened and means the situation can be held from the outside public.)
  • Sound proof glass (For meeting rooms to ensure the safety of any personal information that may lead to a person’s bank details.
  • Customer Identification Measures (Photographic Identification such as Passport, Provisional, Licences, College or Work ID) (Security Questions such as special numbers, specific password letters, questions regarding the type of account and the uses)
  • General Fire alarms, gas monitors and sprinkler systems (Not only are robberies and heists a threat to banks and belongings, so are fires and gas leaks).



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