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Short courses for project management

Short courses for project management

There are many online project management courses that have proved themselves worthy enough. When it comes to managing project, education does matters. When looking at a salary, the much educated and higher certified project managers make far more than those who rely on their experience alone.  Project managers who are much interested in moving ahead to their careers through their education have several lots of online options.

  • ALISON: Diploma in Project Management: This high rated diploma in project management is free and is offered through ALISON, another MOOC dedicated to bringing fee education to the world. Mostly the students complete this course within 10 to 15 hours. This is the best course for project managers with work experience and it also covers all the basics of project management from different methodology to case study analysis. If you want to clear this course you need to get 80 percent average on all exams. This course is highly respected in the project management field.

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  • Online project management course: Online education has changed the way of schooling. There is expansion in courses offered online. The project management class prepared for you PMP exam which leads to PMI certification as well as the Associate Project Manager Certificate. The format of online course is no way lessening from the lessons and that that finishes the course is ready for the project management in a multitude of fields that is from architecture to telecommunications.
  • Training 24×7 – PMP: It offers many options in courses for project management certification in brief and in in depth than others. The more the course is in detail you get the better preparation. It conducts live, online training courses and provides you the option of different packages depending on the depth of training you need.

Above were some short courses for project management and I am sure there are other best courses that I must have missed.

Source : Written by a professional project manager

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