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SnapBanq Planner

SnapBanq Planner

About snapbanq planner- is 4 months old and was registered on 18 April 2018.

SnapBanq team is raising funds for the SnapBanq planner on Kickstarter.

what is this snapbanq planner?

snapbanq planner is the perfect combination of class and style for both men and women.SnapBanq planner makes the owner feel a sense of professionalism and class. Fulfilled with the best-in-breed veteran portfolio, planner (with objective-setting and life planning features), comprising a sleek, hidden power bank to help its user remain productive and charge their gadgets compatible with all brands. Nothing matters who you are whether a veteran or a young professional,exhibit your sense of suaveness and class with the Snapbanq planner.

what’s snapbanq planner mission statement

To help its users to stay concentrated on achieving and tracing their life goals, the SnapBanq planner will unshackle the world by enabling access to financial freedom for everyone, everywhere.

How is snapbanq planner different from other daily planners?

  • Compatible with all ios and android devices
  • unique life-planning features
  • distinctive goal-setting
  • an optional 8GB flash drive
  • power banks in different sizes from 4’000 mAh to 10’000 mAh


Snapbanq  came across with three most happening challenges in its project that was being successfully completed after funding:

  1. Manufacturing problems:- when a person goes through the manufacturing process, he/she comes across with many trials and errors. Because of this, first snapbanq planners have built in a large margin for error into their Kickstarter goal, secondly they have signed agreements with two separate manufacturers and finally Snapbanq planner designed and quality-tested their current sample planners. Moreover, Snapbanq planners are in constant contact with the manufacturers to ensure all probable problems are less severe as they produce the planners because snapbanq require them to submit pictures to them after each phase and to check in with them daily.

2.Injury:-Now its the next turn to get the injury in their goal because their potential got attacked by Nevada’s state animal,the Desert Bighorn Sheep. Usually, these sheep are herbivores, and their diet is very in seasons. Instead of overwhelming fear, Snapback chooses not to live in fear and start their mission to make sure everyone who wants a SnapBanq planner gets a SnapBanq planner.

3.Death: there’s an always possible that one of our team members would sick at some point in time. So Snapbanq planner starts losing inventories. but somehow Snapbanq planner get committed to pulling together, taking up the mistakes and ensuring their project would get done.

Now understand the word Kickstarter and what do people use it for?

Kickstarter is an American public advantaging corporation situated in Brooklyn, New York, US, that controls a crowdfunding platform concentrated on creativity and merchandising. Kickstarter founder(s) are Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler.

It is a funding platform for creative people and entrepreneurs where they can share and accumulate interest on a particular creative project they would like to launch. Kickstarter is totally driven by crowdfunding, meaning their projects take shape into production.

creators can set up a page to show all the details of their project and prototypes using video, text, and photos to tell users about it.

Although Kickstarter is a great stage for exhibiting their knacks, not everyone gets their projects consent. To begin, every creator needs to check the project guidelines before submitting a project. Approximately 75% of projects become successful but the remaining 25% get rejected because they don’t agree with guidelines.

People who back Kickstarter projects are offered physical rewards or experiences in exchange for their pledges. Kickstarter has apparently collected more than $1.9 billion in pledges from 9.4 million backers to fund 257000 creative projects.



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