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Spotting electrical faults at your home

Electrical faults can cause all kinds of problems in your home, but knowing what an ‘electrical hazard’ is will make it easier for you to identify when something isn’t working efficiently. Having the ability to spot potential hazards will allow you to avoid expensive costs and dangers.

PNP Electrical Services are experts in all things electrical and can help you to stay safe. They are electrical contractors, based in Greater Manchester, covering all areas in the northwest, including Liverpool.

Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for:

Unusual sounds, sparks and lights

Electrical appliances don’t just start making a sound or emitting sparks or light for no reason.

Listen out for buzzing and crackling sounds when switching appliances on/off as these clearly indicate that there is a problem. Make sure you switch them off, contact an electrician in Liverpool, with the knowledge and expertise to rectify electrical faults, and wait for them to arrive.


Brand new appliances sometimes give off an unusual smell – depending on the paint or finish.

If there is an odd smell coming from the power socket (i.e. a burning smell) you should consider asking electrical contractors in Liverpool for a professional opinion. The domestic electrician will be able to inform you as to whether it’s the appliance that’s faulty or your plug sockets, and then provide you with the most suitable solution.

Hot fixtures and sockets

All plug sockets emit heat after running for some time – this isn’t uncommon, however, if fixtures are ‘red hot’ this is more concerning and a job that’s best left to Liverpool electricians.

The domestic electricians, supplied by PNP, are fully insured to carry out work at your home. They will thoroughly assess the condition of your electrics before deciding on the best course of action.

Get in touch

There are many other ways you can spot whether electricals are faulty at your home, including dips in power, high electricity bills, electrical surges and electric shocks.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. With maintenance, inspection and testing services, PNP’s electricians in Liverpool can help to keep you and your loved ones safe – providing you with peace of mind and safety assurance. Call PNP Electricals team today on 01942 609 511 for friendly, honest advice.

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