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Start Your New Business With Help From Crowdsourcing

Start Your New Business With Help From Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is starting to get the attention it deserves, and it isn’t only a concept anymore. When using at the right place and the right time, crowdsourcing enables great and affordable options for small businesses and startup entrepreneurs who need short term work done. Let’s examine exactly how a typical small business owner can tap into using the benefits of crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing job sites

The best and the simplest option is to outsource your jobs to some crowdsourcing platforms.

One example is Upwork (formerly Elance). Assume you are starting your online business, and you need some professional web designers to build your website, from creating the website concept, designing the layout, designing the graphics and fonts, and putting your website together. With Upwork, you can tap into almost unlimited number of designers who can create your brand’s logo, copywriters who can write the copy for your business website, and web developer who can putting things together by hosting your website, and launching your website.

Another example is Picoworkers. From time to time, you may have many small tasks that are very tedious and time consuming work. Even the tasks are all very simple to complete but you may not even have time to do any of it. At Picoworkers, you can post the jobs with your exact requirements. People on the site would apply for and start doing the jobs. When they complete what you’ve asked for, all you do is to review the work. Finally, you would save a lot of time.

Social media sites

Social media is another great place to connect to other businesses, or find the right candidates to fill your job vacancies. You may be right away thinking of Facebook. But in reality, LinkedIn is a great platform. LinkedIn from the very beginning has been designed as an online profile. Even more, it has been a site for uploading your online resumes that attract the attention from human resource managers and employment agencies who are eager to fill the job vacancies in their companies and for their clients.

However, there are this one main difference between a crowdsourcing site such as Picoworkers and a professional social network such as LinkedIn. On Picoworkers you are more likely to assign a job or small task, and the labour will pick up the job or task. On LinkedIn, you would most probably find people who are already working at their full time jobs. To fulfill your specific tasks, it will usually take more time and communication through LinkedIn then finding the right people on those crowdsourcing sites.




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