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Static Getting You Down? Our Deionizer Can Help!

Static Getting You Down? Our Deionizer Can Help!

Static can cause many problems when working with rewinders, and they are not only financially damaging, they can be dangerous. Neutralizing the static on your winding rolls should be a key focus to maintain the functionality of your machines and ensure the safety of your staff. The Web Techniques Deionizer is a static eliminator deionizing system that is the solution to rewinder static.

Rewind Static Problems 

One of the most common issues associated with rewind static electricity is when the static charges build up during the winding process.

Everyone is familiar with the shock you can receive when you walk along a carpeted surface and then touch something metal. When working with rewinders, you are in danger of receiving a similar, yet more dangerous, shock. Operators can receive painful jolts if they touch – or sometimes just get near – the metal on a rewinder machine.

Electrostatic sparks, although rare, can arc from the machinery and cause damages to nearby products and materials. The rewind static can also attract and hold onto contaminants, such as dust, which can ruin the finished product. Sometimes, when the static is discharged, it can affect the machinery. The controls can lock up, computers or microprocessors may crash, or there can be even more extensive damage.

Rewinder Static Removal

Static build-up can slow down production, put your operators in danger, and be the cause of costly repairs. A Web Techniques deionizer can be the solution you are looking for to alleviate your static issues.

Our deionizing system can be added to a newly purchased Web Techniques rewind system or can be field retrofitted to any existing label rewinding system or press. The rewind deionizer is designed to be used on tabletop rewind equipment or small presses and is field installable.

The Web Techniques static eliminator deionizing system includes:

  • One 9” deionizing bar
  • 115V AC (5kv) power supply that can power up to two deionizers
  • A suction cup mounting system for quick installation and removal
  • Aluminum foot mounting bracket for permanent mounting

Specifications for the Deionizing System:

  • Rapid static decay
  • Compact system designed for smaller setups
  • Effective up to 2” (51mm) from static source
  • Shockless and non-radioactive
  • Rugged design for industrial environments
  • Easy installation and can be retrofitted on any press or rewind system
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully assembled with all mounting hardware

Approximate dimensions: 14” length X 3.25” diameter

Delivery time: 5-10 business days


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