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Steps to a Safer Workplace  

Steps to a Safer Workplace  


Health and safety in the workplace is rarely a priority for most busy workers, but from the perspective of the company health and safety is not only important, but highly regulated and enforced.

Proper health and safety at work is easy to accomplish the buy-in of your employees and a cultural shift towards awareness of safe working. If you follow these steps, make sure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and have done everything possible to protect them from harm.  


Remember that your employees are responsible for their own and their colleagues health and safety. Your actions affect others and it is useful to remind them from time to time. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you are also responsible for setting an example.  

It has to be said, according to David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Effective Software, that the responsibility for health and safety starts with the directors of a business. However, is they get this right, and instigate a cultural shift in their company, the benefits can include greater brand loyalty and a higher bottom line.


It’s so easy, but many business owners do not keep order at work – workers need cleanliness and order. Sometimes it can be difficult when the process is dirty, but you have to spend enough time cleaning it and treating it as important and do not let that happen. A simple cleaning can prevent unnecessary incidents.

Train staff

Reminding employees how to act safely is key to the safety of their business. The law dictates that staff should be trained, but most entrepreneurs are not. There are many interactive learning applications that can be cost-effective and time-efficient. This will help you show that you have respected the law and created a safer working environment. Employees require a proper working environment which is free of disruptions and has a conducive atmosphere.

Reporting accidents

Report ALL accidents, including those that almost occurred. It should be done in such a way that it does not get too annoying when you know that emerging accidents get valuable information about what you need to repair.  A good way to encourage reporting is to focus on the one-month crash report and see the results.

Involve staff

As with any management activity, attracting employees cannot leave you alone and is not busy. Make sure that employees work on health and safety, and when they receive more information, feel that they are listening and taking appropriate action. As an entrepreneur, you need to work together and explain how and why decisions were made, such as:

For example, not about replacing a new car, but introducing additional safety measures and conducting cost-oriented training.  Prepare for the worst as an entrepreneur, you have to assume that the worst will happen and that your employees or clients need emergency measures or fire safety. Early preparation reduces the likelihood of such a problem occurring in real life.  Find out about Risk Assessments They are an important tool for managing health and safety at work as they describe their views on risk and introduce controls.

This is not only a legal requirement but also helps reduce the number of accidents. The risk assessment should be simple, understandable and easy to understand, especially for the people involved who should be involved in the process of accessing the risk levels.

Although they are very simple and easy to understand, many companies do some or in some cases, none of them, leaving them open to legal proceedings in case of a major accident. Always make sure that your company does not fall into this situation, taking some time and following the steps outlined above will enhance safety and also create a conducive environment for the employees.

Brian Brown

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