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Steps To Take If You Want To Follow An Executive Career Path

Steps To Take If You Want To Follow An Executive Career Path

So you want to follow a career in the executive realm? Well, it’s not something that happens overnight and it certainly requires a lot of work to achieve. However, once you reach that level, the rewards are worth the effort. You will have more say in a company’s present and future, you will have higher pay and benefits and you will finally be doing something that you love. Below is some information all about the executive career path.

Where Should You Start in Your Journey?

First things first, if you are still in high school, make sure to take all the courses that are related to this career path. Business math and English are offered in many high schools and other courses, such as economics, are very useful. If you have already graduated high school and don’t have these courses, it is advised to upgrade and get them before moving on to the next step. A year-long business course at a accredited business college is not a necessary step but can be helpful if you are still unclear of the exact path you want to take towards your career. Study hard and get good marks and this will help you with the next step which is a business degree at university. Generally, it will take about four years to complete a bachelor’s degree and other two to four years to complete a graduate degree if you choose to keep going with your education. The more education you have, the better. While in school, try to get work experience in related fields. You should also take outside courses a few nights a week that will help you in your chosen field. Public speaking and writing courses are great certificates to add to your resume.

School is Done, What Now?

Once you have graduated from university, it’s time to enter the workforce. Find a company that you are interested in working for and start applying for jobs with them. Offer to take an internship if they have one available. Internships are a great way to get a foot in the door and many times, interns end up with a full time position once their internship is over. Despite having the education, you may still have to start close to the bottom and work your way up. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for top jobs. Even if you don’t get them, the interview process provides great experience and practice for the future. It also gets local hiring managers familiar with you. Once you secure a position with a company, work hard, follow the company rules and immerse yourself in the company culture. If extra hours are offered, volunteer for them, ask for extra work, be helpful to your co-workers and give 100% on all your work. These things won’t go unnoticed by managers. You may have to move up several or more times before you reach the position of your dreams but every step will be a learning process that will help you do these executive jobs the best you can.

What is Expected of me when I Get There

Once you have reached your goal, there are some expectations you need to uphold in order to remain a respected and trusted professional in your field. Treat your position as a constant learning experience. This can be done by attending every meeting you can and doing extra courses on the side. Make yourself visible to employees below you so they feel comfortable working under you. Provide clear instructions on how you expect them to conduct themselves and do their job and offer help so they can better themselves and achieve their goals along with the goals of the company. Remember, you were once in their position and now there will be people looking up to you for advice on how they can make their career dreams come true. As you can see, it will take a lot of work to reach your goal but it will be worth it once you get there.


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