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Technology in startups

Technology in startups

Technology serves a simple purpose- to make life easier. Someone who needs as much help as they can get is the tech entrepreneur. No matter the start-up, technology can help in ways big and small. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  1. A great storage app- Clutter is an app that takes self-storage to a whole new level. You use the app, ask for boxes for your stuff, take pictures of your things, choose a time to have your things picked up, and you’re done. Your stuff is picked up in boxes and taken away. When you want your things, choose the ‘Bring me my boxes’ option and it is brought back the next day. The app works seamlessly with no outside interference. This is about you, your things and the app that keeps them safe. This is a storage unit that simplifies things to a great degree, it does not matter whether you require self storage Indianapolis or anywhere else for that matter.
  2. Languages- you need this to set up your website and make the world aware that you have a great product. Java and Javascript are popular as always, as is Python and Ruby. You will need technology for both your database and storage, and you can choose MySQL, Hive or Oracle, among others. Facebook API is good for all the integrations and for some sweet big data software you can choose Amazon Redshift and Hadoop. For your wireframe needs, check out Mockflow and Balsamiq.

You will need technology for other work as well. Here are some:

Email- Office 365, Apps from Google, Cloud- OneDrive, Dropbbox, Google Drive, Customer Chat services- Olark, Chatlio, Marketing communication- Mandrill, Mailchimp, Money Matters- Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Internal mails- Yammer, Facebook at Work, Ticketing and Support for Customers-Zendesk, Freshdesk.

  1. Some other great technology:
  • Django- open source and free, this server side application is immensely popular. If you’re comfortable in Python, you should have no problems with this one. This application development framework allows you an additional admin interface that can delete, update, read or create. Django’s advantages are faster build times for apps and better code reusability. If you need more convincing, here are two words for you- Pinterest and Instagram. Django was used to develop both sites.
  • js- built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, this open source framework is cross platform compatible. Unlike JavaScript that runs on browsers, Node.js lets you run JavaScript as server-side scripting. This makes for dynamic web pages before the user checks the web browser. If you fast servers, this is the best technology for you. Huge names like LinkedIn, Walmart and PayPal use this software.
  • Ruby on Rails- startups love this software and it’s not hard to see why. Web development has never been so swift and so uncomplicated. This means that regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you’re all set in creating whatever you need. What Ruby on Rails does is to create all you need for the mainframe, without writing pages of code. Because it’s so easy to use, you can modify the code and maintain it going forward as well.

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