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The Best Lift Kit For Your Jeep

The Best Lift Kit For Your Jeep

While travelling on the road, sometimes you get to see these towering Jeeps passing by you on top of their suspension lift kits and big sized tires. I think it must be great sitting high up there overlooking all the other lower vehicles.

These Jeep owners have their reasons for customizing their vehicles with suspension lift kits. We first need to know some basics concerning Jeep Wrangler lift kits before considering on getting those truck lift kit and gigantic tires.

  • You will need to consider the main purpose for your jeep, whether you are using it for mud racing, long distance open country cruise, slow-speed rocky crawl, high-speed desert racing or general purpose 4 wheeling.
  • Customizing and tuning your Jeep for optimum off-road performance can be an expansive hobby.
  • Adding truck suspension lift kits could affect the drive shaft length, steering geometry, brake lines, highway performance and handling, gear ratios, and overall weight of the vehicle.
  • Consult an experienced and knowledgeable person who have done it on a similar vehicle as yours and have done what you intended to do with the Jeep for tips and any good or bad reviews.

For various reasons, most trucks are designed to sit higher in the back than the front. Measuring the distance from the top of the wheel down to the ground for both the front and the rear wheel will determine the baseline your ride height. If you intend to increase the lift of both the front and the rear of your Jeep, at the same time levelling the front and rear, a lift kit will raise and also level your Jeep. Make sure you choose the correct life sizes.

Raising your ride height may not go well with the original shock absorbers. You may need to consider replacing the existing shock absorbers with those from the aftermarket suppliers. If you can’t get from any of the aftermarket suppliers, then you can consider getting those shock mount extenders for safe use on a lifted vehicle.

For more information on the best lift kits for Jeeps, you can refer to the reviews posted by customers on lift kits for 4 wheeler websites. The reviews will give you some clues and shed light on the topics that might interest you. If you need someone to talk and ask questions, websites like has customer service professionals to take your calls concerning your enquiries.




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