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The Best Methods to Avoid Repeat Accidents in Mines

The Best Methods to Avoid Repeat Accidents in Mines

Mining companies use millions of dollars on safety of their operations every year. Despite these efforts, the occurrence of accidents that result in huge losses is not uncommon. This leaves the mining companies’ managements and experts with one question: “What are the best strategies to prevent repeat accidents?” Here are the answers.

Make Safety the Top Priority

When accidents happen, they can damage your mining business. Indeed, they can leave a huge bill on your shoulder, related lawsuits, and even closure of your facility. This means that even though optimizing productivity and profit are the primary objectives, safety should also be given top priority. After an accident, you need to do the following:

  • Make safety an important part of the company’s culture (talk about it all the time).
  • Hold regular safety drills.
  • Encourage your staff to give suggestions for safety improvements.

Make Eliminating Repeat Accidents a Company Goal

The same way you craft goals for the company’s operations, eliminating repeat accident should also be made a primary objective. You can achieve this by making employees understand the causes of the previous accident. This should be extended to cover even other accidents that happened elsewhere. For example, if the previous accident was caused by methane explosion, preventing repeat accidents should include other dangers such as fly-rocks.

Put a lot of Effort on Training

The ability to avoid repeat accidents in a mine largely depends on training. Therefore, you should train your staff as if everything in life depends on it.  In this industry, your employees should be trained on the right skills, awareness, and judgment to be able to make the right decisions on time.

Reinforce Good Safe Behavior

Like other areas of production, if you reinforce safe behavior, it will become part of the organization culture. You can achieve this in four main ways:

  • Set safety procedures that MUST always be followed.
  • Reward those who go out of the way to prevent accidents.
  • Retrain those who are lagging in the implementation of the safety procedures.
  • Discipline those who consistently fail to adhere to the rules.

If your mining company has ever been involved in an accident, you should go to every length to prevent accidents. But this strategy should also be used even by companies that have not suffered from accidents to keep the facility and staff as safe as possible.

Do not wait until for another accident to strike: the time to prevent it is now!

Brian Brown

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