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The Definitive Office Products Checklist for Small Businesses

The Definitive Office Products Checklist for Small Businesses

Whether you have a small office space or you a large office building, it is essential for you to stock it with all the equipment and supplies that are necessary for running the day-to-day operations. The exact office products will vary for every business because the activities may be a bit different. However, there are some categories that usually apply to every business and should definitely be considered when you are stocking your supply shelves because they can play an important role. Here is a complete checklist of office products that every small business needs to have for smooth day-to-day running:

General Office Supplies

While we can do a lot of work with technology these days, every business still needs to have the basics. There are going to be times when you would want to write things down the old fashioned way or would require a hard copy of some important documents. These basic office products are not very expensive for the most part. You can get them from any office supply store or even purchase them online. Even if you don’t think you will use them every day, it is a good idea to have them handy in case they are needed. This will save you from having to run out to the store every time you have use of them. Some of the general office products you need include pens, pencils, printer paper, notebooks, folders, calculator, stapler, paperclips, calendar, planners, highlighters, printer ink, desk organizer, markers, post-it notes and so on.


It is not possible for any business to function without technology nowadays. Instead of an expense, these items are usually classified as an investment. However, even with a few purchases, you can do a lot more. When you are making a list of office products for your business, you should include items such as computers, laptops, wireless routers, tablets, external hard drives, scanner, printer, copier, thumb drivers, phone system and more.


Whether you have a dedicated space for your entire team or you work out of a home office, you need somewhere to sit and do your work. When you start looking for office furniture, you will come across numerous styles so you can tailor it according to your specific preferences or the ambience you wish to create in your office. Some of the items include rolling chairs, meeting table, lamps, standing desk, desk, room dividers etc.


Other office products that you need include storage items that can be useful for sorting through documents and storing them properly. These storage items include filing cabinets, files, bins, shelves and drawer dividers.

Collaboration Tools

When you are conducting brainstorming sessions, hosting meetings or doing presentations, these collaboration tools are needed for sharing and presenting your ideas. These office products include chalk, whiteboard, dry eraser marker, chalkboard, easel, presentation projector, phone conferencing system, bulletin board and plenty more.

Apart from these office products, you will also require some cleaning supplies, mailing supplies, kitchen supplies, safety equipment and some basic décor items.



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