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The Drum Pump Market Report Provides Intelligence and a Forecast From 2017 to 2027

The Drum Pump Market Report Provides Intelligence and a Forecast From 2017 to 2027

Industrialization continues to increase in developing and developed countries associated with the industrialization demand for lubricants and oils. The lubricant, oils and these liquid types are stored in barrels, tanks, drums etc. The drum pump is described as a type of portable, lightweight and small solution used for emptying these liquids from barrels, tanks and drums. These drum pumps are suited for alcohol, acid, vegetable oil, hydraulic oil, milk, diesel oil, engine oil, gasoline along with other types of corrosive and lubricative liquid transfer.

Drum Pumps for the Transfer of Industrial Fluids

Most industrial oils are very heavy when they are filled with barrels and drums. The drum pump does away with trying to get the liquid out of the container by tipping the barrel or drum. The demand for these drum pumps has increased for a number of industries which is expected to increase during the forecasted period. The ATEX IBC pump is regarded as the ideal solution when it comes to emptying liquid out of tanks because it significantly lowers the chances or wastage or spillage, and also decreases the likelihood of accidents or injuries to the operators. In association with the various benefits, the drum pump has become the number one choice when it comes to outing liquids.

The demand growth for the drum pump market is forecasted to rise exponentially for a number of reasons. A significant factor is directly contributed towards the growth of these drum pumps is an increasing demand from a number of industries that include lubricants, milk, chemicals and oils. These industries export and import these liquids inside large containers opposed to a number of smaller containers in order to save on transportation and shipping costs.

Drum Pumps For Dispensing Liquids

When it comes to dispensing liquids out of large containers, most industries prefer the drum pumps, which is a contributing factor to the growth of the drum-pump markets. It allows for an efficient process of transferring these liquids without wastage or spillage. In addition, the drum pumps offer a considerable way to save time, manpower and resources. The drum pumps also provided a way to easily dispense liquids, allow for flow-control from the outlet with the ball-valve which is also a contributing factor to growth within the drum-pump markets.

Globally, drum pump markets are segmented according to product types, materials and by the application. When it comes to the product types the drum pump markets are broken down into Pneumatic, Manual pump/ Rotary and Hydraulic, among others. When it comes to the types of materials the drum pump markets are broken down into metal and plastic.

The plastic segments are further broken down into PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride), PP (Polypropylene), CPC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) and others. While the metals are broken down into aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel, and others. When it comes to the application type the drum pump markets are broken down into Food processing plants, the Petroleum industry, Manufacturing plants, Chemical plants, laboratories, wastewater treatment etc.

About the Drum Pump Markets

Drum pump markets are segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. North America is currently anticipated as the largest markets when it comes to the drum pumps, mainly driven by the manufacturer preferences to these drum pumps that act as efficient and cost-effective dispenser tools when it comes to various liquids.

Latin America also holds a strong position within the drum pump markets, while Eastern Europe along with the Middle East are believed to be the 2nd biggest markets for the drum pumps. Recent developments in the markets has seen a shift in the production bases to the east, particularly in Asia, with emerging players coming from India, the Middle East and China have also started to take their market shares within the drum pump industries.


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