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The Fire Extinguisher that you don’t need to Maintain Every Year

The Fire Extinguisher that you don’t need to Maintain Every Year
  • What are the fire extinguishers which don’t need maintenance yearly?

In a digital world where everything keeps changing including the evacuator alarms, the fire extinguisher industry is not left behind because it has come up with the P50 extinguishers which are maintenance free. Unlike in the past when fire extinguishers used to be serviced yearly and refilled after five years, the P50 extinguisher has a lifespan of ten years before an extinguisher service engineer can check them.

Fire extinguishers have a cocktail of aggressive chemicals which can quickly corrode metals.  Traditionally, the only way that the corrosion was prevented from damaging the extinguisher was to line the extinguisher with molten plastic.

The process had its disadvantages because the lining could become detached from the wall, or it could become porous, or it could be incomplete in the first place. As a result of these, the extinguisher required yearly inspections.

On the other hand, P50 Maintenance-free extinguishers contain chemicals within a three-layered extruded composite plastic container. After these extinguishers have been installed by an extinguisher service engineer, they will only be inspected by the respective owners. The P50 extinguishers have security features to ensure that the pressure indicator displays the status of the extinguisher appropriately. After ten years, the extinguisher may be refurbished at half the price of a new P50.

  • Does the client need to do anything?

The client still has to visually inspect the P50 maintenance-free extinguisher, and the extinguisher’s age must be checked once a year. The hose should also be looked into to spot if there are any obstructions and the pressure indicator should also be read to ensure it is in the green zone.

If everything is okay, the extinguisher is then filled in with a marker pen, and the results are written in the safety logbook. But if a problem is found, the manufacturers can replace the extinguisher for free.

  • How are the maintenance-free extinguishers made?

The primary content of the maintenance-free extinguisher is the inner composite plastic container that holds the chemicals. The container is enclosed by Aramid fibre [the same material used to make bullet proof vests]. The weave that’s tightly spun takes the pressure from the filled extinguisher. The cocoon is covered by an outer cylinder that is made of UV protected rugged plastic to prevent it from UV light, water, and wear. The P50 maintenance-free extinguisher is made in the UK.

  • Are maintenance-free extinguishers durable?

P50 extinguishers are tested to the EN3 standard which is the demanding standard. The extinguishers are also tested to the PED [Pressure Equipment Directive] the same standard that containers which have pressured explosive are tested to.

The P50 extinguishers are pressured 12000 times from 0-25 bar. Then they are crushed by a metal blade and re-pressurized to over 55 bar without leaking or bursting.

  • Are these types of extinguishers kitemarked?

The P50 maintenance-free extinguishers are kitemarked by the British Standards Institute [BSI]to EN3 and again certified by Apragaz. They are approved for boat use [Boat Safety Scheme] and marine use [MED approval]


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