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The Most Common Blunders Made with Labels

The Most Common Blunders Made with Labels

Most companies try to grab the attention of their customers by doing something unique with their label design in Perth. But sometimes, though certain labels might have given you a pause, it may not have been done on purpose. Instead it is caused mainly due to some mistakes or misspells in the label design. Though it could draw attention to the brand, a small blunder in regards to labeling could cost a company a whole lot of money.

Listed below are the major labeling mistakes made by business owners,

  • Barcode failure

It is very important to avoid any mistakes when it comes to barcodes, because it may result in loss of data and could greatly affect your company’s automation process. Sometimes, companies might go for a cheaper ink and printing material in order to save money. However, a small smudge in the barcode printing Perth could make it very difficult to scan for the product information, which would prove to be a costly mistake. So talk with your labeling service provider and make sure that your barcodes would meet the required standards before the printing process.

  • Mismatching labels

It is your responsibility to consult with your printer and provide information about the type of the container you use and its dimensions before proceeding with the print job. Or else, your product could end up with uneven labels.

  • Buying the low-priced label material

You would have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to custom label printing in Perth. However, opting for the cheapest materials may not be the best thing to do, both functionally and aesthetically. High quality materials may be costlier but improve the label design and make your brand look distinctive. They also help to distinguish your products from the rest.

  • Not using appropriate adhesives

There are many things to consider when settling on adhesives. There are innumerable types of adhesives available in the market, but they are majorly classified into: permanent, repositionable and removable.  Permanent adhesives may seem as the best choice outwardly. However, it would be very difficult to remove permanent adhesives once they are applied to the surface and their performance could not be guaranteed for some surfaces like tires, wood etc. that can be very tough stamp labels. So evaluate your needs and select adhesives accordingly.

  • Not paying enough attention to the finish

Similar to adhesives, there are different kinds of finishes available for you. And choosing a suitable finish not only provides protection to the labels but could also enhance their appearance.  Make your choice only after analyzing the degree of protection your packages require or whether you want any distinct effect to the labels.

Avoid these mistakes at any cost if you want to ensure the quality of the labels.



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