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The Most Impressive Airports in the United States

The Most Impressive Airports in the United States

Throughout the word, travel has increased in recent years. As overall travel has been increasing around the globe, the trend of air travel has also immensely increased as well. People are flying in 2019 more than ever, and as this trend continues, it seems that airports are taking notice. Because of the influx of travel in recent years, there have been significantly more improvements throughout airports all over the United States, which has led to a myriad of extremely impressive airports within the country. Learning about the numerous incredible airports that the United States boasts will certainly increase your knowledge of air travel and may even help you plan your next vacation! By expanding your knowledge of the most impressive airports in the USA, you will learn and will be prepared to be awestruck when you visit any of these airports. 

Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport is growing to be one of the most impressive airports on the west coast of the United States. It is actually a joint civil-military airport and accounts for 90% of air travel and more than 95% of air cargo within all of Oregon! Portland has received numerous top honors throughout many polls within the past decade, such as 2013’s Travel + Leisure Magazine’s reader’s poll for best US Airport, and top airport for business travelers by J.D. Power and Associates in 2015, 2016, and 2019! There are numerous excellent additions to the airport including a bicycle repair work station, a mini movie theater implemented in 2017, and a distillery with a retail location!

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

As travel has become more popular in recent years throughout the United States, Texas has become a favorite for many tourists. Although there are numerous cities within Texas that people are traveling to, Dallas-Fort Worth has become one of the most popular. The city has undergone massive expansion in the past few decades, and has increased its tourism numbers immensely in recent years. As tourism to the area has increased, the airport has taken notice, by implementing numerous new features such as facial recognition technologies to promote safety, as well as adding a DFW airport parking service that helps flyers park their cars more efficiently as well as faster. 

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has grown to become one of the most impressive airports in the southern USA in recent years. New Orleans is now a hub for Southwest Airlines, and has increased the amount of air traffic that comes to the Big Easy. Post-Hurricane Katrina, the airport has undergone serious renovations, and has allowed for the opening of a new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, and will continue to allow for growth in the future.

Final Thoughts

As the United States becomes an even greater destination for tourism, the country’s airports will continue to grow and become more impressive. The numerous new features and additions to these airports have certainly aided the growth and development of the economies of their cities and will continue to help with the increase in air travel throughout the nation.


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