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The Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Small Business Coach

The Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Small Business Coach

There are many “gurus,” and they will trick you in making you believe that they have delivered results earlier.

For you, a business coach is the one who will guide you such that you can handle the emotional and mental blockers that prevent you from running your business. So, if when they are around you do well, and when they aren’t, you don’t, then you should re-evaluate your relationship.

What is their qualification?

You can’t be in construction without knowing civil engineering, or you can’t be prescribing medicines with passing medical degrees, but business coaching isn’t an industry which is regulated. Anyway, you shouldn’t hire someone who has no experience of business, and they don’t like to converse on their educational background.

Here are a few questions you should ask a business coach before hiring:

  • What’s his/her experience?

An ideal business coach, such as John Nolan, has business experience as well as coaching experience. A business coach who has scaled their own business successfully will know more about your fear, issues, and pain points, as they have passed through same situations.

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  • The business coach should fit your scale

The portfolio of a business coach should contain what size of business they can coach, and in that your business size also should be there. There are many business owners such as freelance agencies, self-employed, or have hundreds of employees.

  • Is Your Coach Truly Compatible?

When you search for a therapist, you visit many of therapists, and then you select the one that will click with you, and this is how you get best out of therapy. The same goes for a business coach. When you meet them, you should feel comfortable, not that you dread when you meet them every time. It will be better if you then start to search a new one.

  • Stalk the Coach in Social Media

Check if they have actual engagement and they have real connections. There are bots these days, so only follower lists won’t help you. Whatever they would say you if you find them match in the social media, then it’s good for you, else you need to continue your search.

  • Their Values

Business coaches are human too, and so they have to be paid their fees. So, first check your budget before hiring them. If you can’t pay them their value, you shouldn’t hire them, because as soon as you are not able to pay them, your relationship with them won’t remain the same.


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