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The Role of Secondary Equipment in Managing the Legacy Fabs.

The Role of Secondary Equipment in Managing the Legacy Fabs.

A significant portion of semiconductor production continues to take place in facilities which are equipped with 200 mm or even small equipment and help in running the processes for analog, mixed-signal and power IC for devices of all size. The managers of these legacy labs must balance the tight process and time to market the requirements with limited capital and operational budget so that the entire market stays competitive for the low-cost producers as well. Going through the studies, it has been seen that a major portion of the original equipment manufacturers devotes a greater portion of their budget in manufacturing the 300 mm tooling and invest less in the effort that is required for manufacturing 200 mm.

Most of the old semiconductor factories always feel the need of high-quality sources of used items and components along with the tribal process knowledge which goes ranting with them. In fact, it is the emergence and growth of the market which constantly claims for the refurbished 300 mm production tools, has come up with more complications, and added to the challenges as well. CAE is the world’s marketplace for secondary capital equipment who has always been keen about solving the complications aroused in the market and come up strongly to meet the challenges. CAE Online was founded in 1982 and focused initially on building the highest quality catalog of secondary semiconductor equipment, which further led to the partnership between Ryan F. Jacob and D. Keith Le Claire, resulting in the formation of Capital Asset Exchange and Trading, and the CAE Marketplace was born.

CAE offers all their buyers spread wide to cross the globe the largest source of secondary capital equipment and makes this entire purchase process a safer one, by executing a robust diligence process to ensure that each piece of equipment sold matches the buyer’s condition and technical requirements. Started with a figure of just 8 members, they have grown strongly to be a company of 75 members, and even the revenue has found a surge from just $1 million to $120 million per annum. They have been offering all their sellers a fast and direct purchase of surplus equipment and with world class support and compliance making the entire process safe, profitable and a hassle-free endeavor.

Once the entire process was streamlined, the entire segment of found some sustainable growth with thousands of tools coming on the secondary market. Experts who have been in the similar industry for ages now believe that the secondary equipment market is seeing an increased order of activity and even expects the demand to grow by $1 million. In order to do so, one key question that has come up for the legacy fab operators is regarding their up-gradation method and how factories can expand their capacity in a timely as well as cost effectively manner.

Having a strong grip over the entire global market allows Capital Asset Exchange and Trading to have the confidence to go strong. It is the online platform that makes it easy for them to have control over the overseas market, and deliver them with the best quality capital equipment.

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