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The Top Coworking Spaces Near You in Contemporary Canada

The Top Coworking Spaces Near You in Contemporary Canada

The country of Canada is uniquely described by a popular saying such as “every country is exactly like a particular person. The USA is similar to a belligerent, adolescent boy, whereas Canada is exactly like an intelligent woman of 35 years.” You might agree to this or not, but Canada, the land of maple syrup, hockey, the homeland of Leonard Cohen, and the best whisky available here. You can find the multiple varieties of regions in Canada, such as multi-cultural cities as Toronto or for the locals “Tronno”, expat-centred Vancouver, the French-speaking Montreal etc. Similarly, it may be interesting for you to know that Canadians spend maximum time online in comparison to any other countries in the world.

In the context of Coworking spaces, Canada is never left behind, rather is under spotlight especially due to the recent US political atmosphere when people are serious about relocating in Canada. You have plenty of Coworking spaces across Canada as well as in the US are WeWork, Impact Hub, District Cowork, Green Desk, Tachspace, MakeWorks, LAtelier, My ByWard Office, District 28, The Collective 12, coLab, The Hive, The Profile, The Station, The Aviary etc.

In order to give a brief description of the few above Coworking spaces, MakeWorks in Toronto is said to be made over 10000 square feet of coworking space along with a private office. The Coworking space has amenities such as 2000 square feet of event space, a maker-space, with 3D printing lab. The basic objective of MakeWorks is to gather software and hardware startups together and help them to thrive further.

Similarly, the L’Atelier in Vancouver is ultra-modern Coworking space with cheery and colourful pops. The desks give you the experience of your favourite coffeeshop but without any destructions. The environment also will provide you with a homely feeling in terms of co-worker’s collaboration.

Another interesting Coworking space in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa is the My ByWard office which claims natural light with hundred and thirty years of old brick and beams. The Coworking space is a mixture of modern Coworking space with a touch of heritage. You can take a comfortable seat in the living room or take a desk at the community hall and grab the collaboration of professionals.

You may also prefer the factory turned Coworking space in the neighbourhood of Leslieville “the District 20” in Toronto. You can take advantage of a spacious event area and a 4k theatre in addition to the Coworking space. The amenities in the District 20 include a bar and meals crowded with your creative and collaborative entrepreneur co-workers.



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