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Things to Do Before Making a Claim

Things to Do Before Making a Claim

If there ever comes an unfortunate event where you need to make a claim with your insurance company, knowing what to do is important. It will save you effort and time when you know what the process is. Below are some important tips that will help you get a stress-free and easy claims processing.

Keep a record of everything

It is always helpful when you are prepared for anything and everything. The best way to deal with a claim is to have the necessary record to support it. Documentary evidence in the form of receipts of items that have been insured will make the whole claims process quicker and smoother.

Safe-keep your documents

It is always best to be prepared in case of emergencies. So copies of your insurance policy need to be placed somewhere that is easy to locate and is safe. It helps to familiarize yourself with your insurance policy details too such as your policy number and the insurer’s contact information.

Get to know your policy

Read the content of your policy before you will decide to call the insurer. Make sure that you have covered all the steps and processes involved in making a claim. Ensure that whatever has happened is indeed covered under your policy too. Get to know the cover options and if there are policy excesses too. You will be surprised at how there may be instances when you are actually covered for something that you may not be aware of.

Take pictures

Your phone or your camera should be used to take pictures as part of the evidence needed for the claim. Whether it is to prove damage to your home or your car, it is always easier to confirm the details when there are pictures to show. Pictures also make it easier for you to better remember details too.

Call your insurer as soon as possible

Regardless of whether it is water damage from a burst pipe, a small fire that broke, or a car accident, it is important to inform your insurance company the soonest that you can.

Take down notes

Take note of the date and time of the incident. Note what happened as well as other important details. Whether there is a third party involved or not, it should be noted so you can easily account for what actually happened to your insurer.

Keep damaged items

Do not throw damaged items away since your insurance provider might need to inspect them. Sometimes, they might even repair them. Only when you are told to dispose of these items should you do so.

Do not exaggerate

Always stick to facts when relaying details about what happened to your insurance company. Always be truthful. Fabricating things will only likely lead to the claim getting rejected.

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