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Thinking About Small Business Insurance in Maine?

Thinking About Small Business Insurance in Maine?

If you’ve been wondering where to get business insurance in Maine, look no further. At Allen Insurance and Financial, we offer advice and consultations toward the success of your small business in addition to providing the proper forms of insurance you might need to protect your company. Having worked with plenty of small business owners in the past, we have a thorough understanding of what special circumstances you may have and how to address your needs towards assuring you are properly protected against unavoidable situations small businesses tend to face.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects your business against some of the most common claims a client or employee may make against your company. Whether a building contractor breaks a window while working on an unrelated project or a computer programmer loses data while updating client files, the company can be held accountable even though it is well known such accidents can happen through no fault of the employee on the job. General liability can cover such damages, as well as any health-related injury which happens to an employee or client while the work is being conducted.

Professional Liability

Professional liability is useful to cover specific mishaps which may occur through employee negligence or a client who isn’t pleased with the work conducted. Ideally, such topics should be rare and be able to be resolved between the business owner and the client by fixing any sub-par work, but when the situation calls for direct intermediary response, Professional liability insurance can help cover credible claims and unexpected legal costs.


If you aren’t sure where to get business insurance Maine give us a call and one of our professional representatives will help advise you toward what insurance is typical for your type of business and explain which policies we offer will be most helpful.


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