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Tips for choosing your popcorn fundraiser company wisely

Tips for choosing your popcorn fundraiser company wisely

Popcorn fundraisers have become extremely popular and are definite money spinners. Many schools and sports teams have managed to build up funds for various needs through popcorn fundraising sales.

  Everyone loves popcorn fundraising and kids are especially enthusiastic when they are involved in one. The greatest salesperson is one that loves and the product, this enthusiasm rubs off onto the potential customer, not that popcorn needs much marketing to sell.

Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks around and parents prefer to purchase it over other treats. They also don’t mind giving their kids money for popcorn fundraisers. Most adults can’t resist a helping of popcorn.

Unless you already know of a reputable popcorn company, you will have to carry out an online search or ask around for help so that you can choose the best one.

If you are about to undertake your first ever popcorn fundraiser, then here are some of the best tips to help you choose a popcorn fundraising company to make this a fun event for all involved, with the least amount of stress.

Seek a company that has built a good reputation over the years

The initial step is to find a reputable company so that your orders are filled and shipped on time. Companies that have been around longer are more likely to have built up a good clientele and are sure to be around for a long time afterward also, ready to help with any future fundraisers that you may tackle.

How much of the profits will your fundraiser get to keep?

Higher commission on your popcorn sales may not necessarily be a good thing. Be careful because some companies may offer a higher commission because they are selling inferior products that may be stale, damaged, or have missing products. They may also not deliver on time or be hard to reach when you need customer service. Inconsistencies on the part of the popcorn fundraising company, can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings between you and your fellow fundraisers, and also with the popcorn buyers.

Before deciding, ask around for references from others or look for online reviews. These are usually honest and a good indication of the type of service that you can expect to receive.

Look for exciting gourmet flavors

When deciding on a popcorn fundraiser, look for a company that will supply you with gourmet popcorn that comes in a number of exciting flavors. Since peoples’ tastes vary and the more variety you have to sell, the more sales you will make. Classic, buttery, savory and sweet flavors – all flavors have their strong supporters.

Pricing the popcorn

When deciding on the supplier for your popcorn fundraiser, make sure that the prices are reasonable enough for everyone to be able to afford the popcorn. Overpriced popcorn will not sell and in most cases, the more packets you manage to sell the higher the profit margin for your fundraiser will be.

What will your profit margins be?

Anything between 20 and 50% is what to expect.  Do an online search to discover which is the most profitable for your cause. Bear in mind that the more you sell the higher the profits will be.  Shipping of the popcorn stock should be another deciding factor when choosing the supplier. Some companies offer free shipping if the quantity bought exceeds a certain amount.

Bonuses for top sellers

Look out for exciting incentive prizes offered by some companies. This gets the students excited as they compete to bring in an added bonus to the school fundraiser. There are also companies that have an added bonus if the school opts to not use the prize program.

How much money does the fundraising body have to outlay?

Depending on the company you choose, you might not even have to outlay a cent. There are popcorn fundraisers that have no upfront costs. These work on the following principle:

  • They send you attractive brochures which you show to potential buyers.
  • You collect the money upfront from the buyers with their orders.
  • You pay the supplier once the money is collected and they send the products for you to distribute.
  • Your fundraiser keeps the profit. As easy as that!

With the above tips on hand, you are now ready to begin your popcorn fundraiser. If this is your first time in fundraising and you have young children, you are sure to have a successful start and many more successful popcorn fundraisers.


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