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Tips for rabbit farming

Tips for rabbit farming

 If you are to be successful in rabbit farming , there are several things you should be aware of. There are critical mistakes you should avoid to increase your chances of success in rabbit farming.  

Management and records for rabbits

To be able to know how well your rabbit farming business is performing, keep track of your costs and income, you need to maintain proper books. Do this to carry out successful rabbit farming in Zimbabwe. This will help you make sound management decisions. You will also be able to identify gaps and areas you need to improve in your business. Record daily will help keep you in line. The following basic records will go a long way into helping you manage your rabbit farming business:

  • Breeding records- you can be able to estimate the number of kindles to be expected and be able to estimate your sales
  • Kindling dates and number of kindles born, dead or alive- you can be able to purchase enough feed and prepare enough rabbit houses and manpower. You can estimate your costs
  • Number and weight of weaned rabbits
  • Average weight at market time and age of growers at that weight-helps you in coming up with the selling price for your rabbits
  • Expenditures including utilities
  • Sales

Gain relevant experience in slaughtering and skinning rabbits

This last final phase in rabbit farming is crucial because if you fail to slaughter and skin them well, it means you deliver a very poor product thereby affecting your reputation. Most abattoirs  do not slaughter rabbits and you might have to slaughter on your own. This will also reduce your costs. Preferably rabbits can be slaughtered by dislocating the neck. Stretch it full length and hold it by its rear legs and head. With a hard sharp pull, bend the head backwards to dislocate the neck. There are also other methods which you can use. Train your staff about slaughtering and skinning and delegate such tasks to only a few knowledgeable individuals who can do it.

Nutrition for Rabbits

Good nutrition is essential in rabbit farming. If you maintain the best nutrition, your rabbits will provide you with the best white meat which has less cholesterol than all other white meat. Rabbit meat provides the highest level of protein and Vitamin B12. They have an available market because they provide special diets that require low sodium diets and weight reduction diets. Give your rabbits the wrong diet, this would deplete your rabbits. Also a good diet will increase your rabbits. Does give birth up to seven times a year, kits range between seven and eighteen. A wrong diet may result in low productivity for your buck and does.




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