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When you need cash, you may think of selling your gold items. Since gold is a highly desirable commodity, you shouldn’t lose much when selling your unwanted gold jewellery items. However, when you decide to sell your gold, you shouldn’t do so in a hurry. Here are some Cash For Gold tips that will guide till give you to help get more cash for those unwanted gold jewellery items.

Find Out the Details

You can’t gauge the price of your items from the looks alone as Cash for Gold businesses are only interested in the ‘melt value’ of your unwanted jewellery items. You must accept the fact that you will not get back the labour the jeweller has charged you to make these items. Also, depending on which country you bought your gold from can dictate the labour component in your gold jewellery as some country’s demand higher labour costs than others.

Know the Value

It’s important to research the value of your item before taking it down to the local ‘cash for gold’. A lot of gold buyers or cash for gold are aware that people just want quick cash so they may offer a price that’s below the market value. As a result, they were able to get easy money because you weren’t informed and didn’t research the item’s current market value. To find out the value of your gold jewellery items. Try separating them into carats and then weighing them. You can do this with kitchen scales.

Talk to Lots of gold buyers

It’s not a good idea to try and get cash for your gold right away at the first place you visit.  It would be wise to talk to several different gold buyers and choose the one that gives you the best offer. Getting quotes doesn’t require you to sign anything that obligates you to sell at that particular price. However, it does take time to test your gold items so it could take you a bit of time doing it this way.

Avoid Selling at Parties

Yes, attending gold parties may be fun and you may even make new friends, however it’s not really considered a good idea to sell your gold at these events. Remember, the people who attend these events are after a good time and not a business transaction. Therefore, it would be better to sell your items at another time to a specialised gold buyer, no matter how excited you are. Also, the commissions to the party host are very high and are essentially deducted from your gold jewellery.

Bring a Couple of Valid IDs

Just like entering the casinos or purchasing a plane ticket, gold buyers will always ask you for identification. This is to ensure the item isn’t stolen and is also required by law as they are registered dealers. Bringing a couple of ID’s is always a good idea especially one with a recent photo. Some examples of ID include your driver’s license and passport. If you bring passport make sure you bring something with an address such as a phone bill.

Once you keep all these tips in mind, there’s no question you’ll get a good deal for your items. It’s never a good feeling to get ripped off so better to avoid that as much as possible. You may even develop a good long-term relationship with an established buyer.




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