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Tom Davis Leadership Podcast Episode 1 – The Purpose of Management

Tom Davis’s vision of management

Welcome to the first episode of the Tom Davis leadership podcast, your host Christine Reidhead discusses The Purpose of Management with the experienced Tom Davis.

Here are some of the key points of the podcast:

  • Tom talks about management and its purpose.
  • How he’s been successful using this kind of approach.
  • He elaborates on his saying, “When you strengthen their strengths, you weaken their weaknesses.”

He refers to some of the Japanese management techniques. In the episode, he describes how the drive for perfection as a manager or leader can eventually create friction within the workforce. Tom talks up how good managers give people the ability and ideas of improving the focus of what is being done. Mr. Davis goes ahead and stipulates that good managers should keep in mind that they can’t always solve every problem, but at least they should be committed to trying.

The episode highlights that the main purpose of management, is to help people succeed in whatever organization they are associated with, and help people see a way to the future in which they can believe in themselves.

Tom says how he has created his own success by following this process of management. He believes inspiration does not come from outside people, but comes from inside people and as a manager, you can help them figure out how to overcome their barriers. This results in helping them achieve individual dreams by making them believe in themselves.

Asked about his saying, “when you strengthen their strengths, you weaken their weaknesses,” Tom says that having that little back voice in the head, that convinces you of not being good enough ultimately turns out to be your main weakness and one should overcome it.

Make sure not to miss out on listening to the full episode and hear Tom Davis speak on management in general.

Mary Aaron

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