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Top Reasons for Buying Insurance Leads Online

Top Reasons for Buying Insurance Leads Online

As an insurance agent it is important to make your life as easy as possible, focusing your efforts on converting leads into sales. Though generating your own leads is an idealistic option with the potential to generate highly prospective leads, it is very time consuming and fails to account for the value of your time.

Luckily there are insurance lead providers who generate high quality leads at an affordable price, and can even tailor the contacts they provide to your individual needs. Though there is a negative stigma attached with buying leads online, there are great advantages to capitalize on, and as the trend grows in popularity with internet use at an all time high, the industry is continuously improving. There are many websites surfacing which provide reliable information to rate insurance lead providers on the market, meaning leads for insurance agents can be easily acquired through a trustworthy and affordable process.

Below are some of the top advantages of buying leads compared to traditional strategies, which are the main reasons why more and more agents are choosing this method everyday.


With reliable insurance lead providers, you are guaranteed to receive high quality leads that will meet your standards. If a given lead doesn’t offer the quality you’re happy with, you can request a refund from the provider, giving you peace of mind when you engage in the buying process.


Time consuming strategies such as direct marketing and cold calling are often drawn out, and despite using significant resources and time, there is still no guarantee of a return on your investment. Buying leads online is a simple process from beginning to end, and even if you don’t secure a sale, you’ve still had an opportunity to speak with an interested consumer who might refer you to a friend.


Spending hours of your valuable time on marketing, only to learn that the vast majority of people aren’t interested, is incredibly frustrating, but quite the opposite is applicable when buying leads online. Not only do you get something in return for your investment, but every name you receive will be actively seeking a policy, allowing you to focus your time on converting these leads into sales.

High Close Ratio

This is linked to the quality of the leads you obtain, where you’re given the contact information of people who are actively seeking insurance. Your sales approach must be spot on, but you’re halfway there if the consumer actually wants insurance, as opposed to it being forced upon them. When buying leads online you are likely to achieve a closing rate which is above average, and by tracking information you can work out how many leads you need to purchase in order to acquire a new customer.


There is a common myth surrounding the purchase of insurance leads online, where it is often viewed as an expensive endeavor. Though you are required to pay, the time you save looking is arguably more valuable, and by shopping around you can ensure you get the best price per lead. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on leads, you will more than likely receive a return on investment, and by tracking your progress you can work out the effectiveness of your marketing strategy with regards to discovering new clients and generating revenue.

I hope you have found these reasons why you should purchase leads online informative, and if you feel as if we’ve missed anything out, be sure to comment below to get the discussion going!




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