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Top Tips for Getting Maximum Advertising Impact From Voice-Overs

Top Tips for Getting Maximum Advertising Impact From Voice-Overs

Voiceovers have long been an important tool used by advertisers and marketers to strongly convey their messages to potential customers and other audiences. It should be noted, though, that the use of voiceovers is not without hazards, including alienating listeners and the production of comparatively uninteresting ads. The following paragraphs contain some useful advice for optimizing ads that use voiceovers and getting top value for the money spent on them.

Where They Succeed

The best voiceovers are those that assist with regard to communicating a message. Voice overs artists are most effective when employed as a means to strengthen what is being shown in a visual form or perhaps just as a way to articulate a key phrase or motto of the brand. Though simply stating a brand’s tagline may seem superfluous, it actually is quite powerful.

Congruence Matters

A voiceover will be most successful if it flows naturally with the visual elements it complements. It is never good for the voiceover to have to compete with what the audience is seeing, because the end result can feel scattered and unfocused, with the overall message lost of the shuffle.

This is a common scenario if the visual elements are supposed to explain a storyline, but the voiceover is trying to carry the burden of the full message. Viewers’ attention is typically divided to severely by such a technique, and the message usually is not retained. Ads capable of blending the sound and sights of a message will generally be the most useful in terms of getting the desired message across.

Selecting the Best Voice

Choosing the perfect voice for a given ad can be a challenge, but the time invested is certain to pay real dividends. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, however, including:

Consistency: Research suggests that audiences react more positively when a single voice is used in a series of ads. Try to find someone who can become the hallmark sound of the brand and stick with that individual if at all possible.

Target Group: Cater to the specific people you need to be reaching. Thus, it makes sense to narrow the candidates to just a few and ask a focus group to offer critiques of each. This will help identify the right voice to use across numerous spots.

Do Not Overdo It

Skillfully utilised voiceovers are wonderful mechanisms for ad professionals. However, they can sometimes backfire when not done well. While an ad that lacks a voiceover may be seen as interesting or different, it may not make its point fully heard. It is necessary to find a happy medium in terms of when and how much of a voiceover should be used.

There is no denying that voiceovers can be memorable, valuable and an integral part of an ad campaign. It can be tough, though, to avoid falling victim to the deceptive ease that comes with simply stating directly what the message is supposed to be. Of course, there remains a risk of using so much voice work that the outcome is one that is muddled and noisy.

By paying attention to the guidance presented above, it really is possible to use voiceovers to their greatest possible advantage and maintain the artistic integrity every ad strives to achieve. Audiences of all descriptions will assuredly appreciate the careful amalgamation of visuals and sounds.




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