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Top Tips for Selling Your Art Online

Top Tips for Selling Your Art Online

There has never been a better time to be alive for artists. The Internet has allowed art to thrive – between being able to see all the works of the great artists of the past with a simple search, to having the ability to sell your products with relative ease, the 21st century is a haven for those in the art world. With more ways than ever to make money online, selling your art is an excellent way to generate income and ensure that your art is seen by those around the world. Selling your art online is not the easiest task, but if you learn a few simple tips, it becomes much more attainable.

Create an Ecommerce Store

The first step towards selling your art to a global audience online is to create an ecommerce store. Your ecommerce store should be on a quality website where you can display your talent and provide site visitors the capability to view and purchase your artworks. The best way to ensure that your online store is excellent is by using a superior ecommerce platform. Top-tier ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, will allow you utilize small business marketing tactics that are specific to your needs. Your ecommerce platform should include the ability to attract the right customers through content marketing and search engine optimization. It should also be actively promoting your products through online marketing campaigns that utilize Facebook ads and Google Smart Shopping, so that buyers can find your site more easily. You want to ensure that your ecommerce platform also includes analytical marketing reports, so that you can track your campaign’s performance, enabling you to improve in the future.

Build a Social Media Campaign

When running your own business in the 21st century, especially one where you are selling your own artwork, it is imperative to build a social media campaign. There is much to learn about running a social media strategy for selling your own art, and figuring out the best way to do this is a necessity. You need to have a Facebook page where you link to your ecommerce store, share posts of you making art as well as finished pieces, join Facebook groups and promote your page, create photo albums of your art, and other methods as well. Twitter is also an essential platform you need to be on, where you should forge relationships with potential customers, and use pinned tweets for art marketing. Instagram is probably the most effective way to sell your products as it is visually-oriented. Post photos of your artwork with information about how to buy them directly to your feed, show the numerous behind-the-scenes facets of running an art business, and effectively utilize hashtags to reach your target audience. You should be posting at least a few times a week on all of your social media accounts to ensure that your audience is engaged and is interested in buying your works.

Final Thoughts

Running your own online art business is an incredibly difficult task to be successful at. While your artwork may be great, the trick to being a successful business takes more to having great art. By creating an online store that uses a top ecommerce platform and building a social media campaign, you are sure to see results.


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