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Truest Services from the Modern Day Virtual Assistance

Truest Services from the Modern Day Virtual Assistance

The digital world and the presence of virtual assistants have long since ceased to be “things of the future” and have come true. It is common to ask Alexa, from Amazon, for example, what is the temperature of the day or if there is rain forecast. But does this technology stop there?

Of course not. These features go even further and help control the TV, turn on the light, turn on the air conditioning and other routine activities in the home. More than that, these assistants are also entering the corporate world and have begun to modify the internal processes of various ventures.

For you to understand this context better, in this post we will check what the true potential of this technology is, comparing its domestic use with the possibilities in the professional environment. So you and your business will be able to prepare for the new scenario that comes along. Come on?

Virtual assistants in the domestic environment

A few years ago, the presence of this technology in our homes was seen as a very futuristic drawing of the Jetsons. However, these resources and their implementation in trivial activities begin to show the capacity and potential of virtual assistance.

Of course we are still far from the context of the movie “Her”, for example. If in that story Samantha has such an effective operating system that evolves and lives a romance with Theodore Twombly, the idea at this point is to simplify: to have an easier and more technological life. F

Two good examples are Siri from iOS, and Google Android Assistant. Both can understand the Portuguese language and can be consulted on various subjects. In the first case, the attitude is more ironic, but goes further. Siri also tells jokes, plays music, watches time, sends emails, gives the weather forecast and informs her status on social networks.

The Google Assistant helps in the process of searching the internet, activating alarms, opening applications, creating events and other activities. You can ask about a destination and check out the best lodging options, how to get there, tips from sights and restaurants etc. You can opt for the Expert Virtual Assistants in this case.

In this scenario, Alexa is one of the most functional wizards. Inspired by Star Trek’s Enterprise ship, it performs about 30,000 tasks, including:

  • Reading news
  • Musical selection
  • Mathematical accounts
  • Information search

If you have compatible gadgets, you can still turn on the light, close the garage, lock doors and so on.

Other Options

There is also Cortana, from Microsoft, which can be used on Windows 10 or Android smartphones. It allows you to activate the software by rescheduling the Home button, as well as waiving Google Assistant. Windows 10 information can still be synchronized with your smartphone, which increases the interaction that is available.

Other smart devices and features have been implemented and are well accepted. A survey released by Computerworld showed that 59 percent want to acquire artificial intelligence equipment. Another 14% already have this device.




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