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Types of Fillers Needed for Liquid Products

Types of Fillers Needed for Liquid Products

If you want to create a reliable and consistently efficient liquid filling system, one of the most important steps to take is to find the right liquid filing machine for your production line. There are several different types of liquid fillers that can meet the needs of various types of packaging systems and products.

Considerations When Selecting a Liquid Filling Machine

There are a few different product specifications and requirements you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for the right filling equipment. One is viscosity, which is the overall thickness of the liquid, as some machines are capable of working with thicker products while others are designed for thinner liquids. Another consideration is particulate, as items containing large particles will require a machine that won’t clog. The third main consideration is the container and fill type, which will determine the type of equipment that will provide consistent fill levels and volumes.

Gravity and Pressure Liquid Fillers

Pressure/gravity and gravity fillers are ideal for packaging products of water-thin to medium viscosities. Gravity fillers are used to package thin, foamy liquids while pressure/gravity filling machines are used for handling thicker liquids of higher viscosity.

Piston Fillers

Piston fillers are another great type of liquid filler used for a wide variety of products. These machines can provide consistent accuracy and speed when filling, with the versatility needed to handle viscous liquids such as sauces, icing, pastes, batters, fillings, and some aerated liquids. Oftentimes products filled using piston fillers are contained in pastry bags or other similar packaging.

Pump Fillers

Pump fillers are also designed to work with many different types of products, providing a mix of versatility and accuracy when filling liquids of low, medium, or high viscosity. Pumps used in these fillers include gear pumps, progressive cavity pumps, rotor pumps, lobe pumps, and gear pumps, along with others depending on the application.

Gravity, Pressure and Vacuum Overflow Filling Machines

Overflow filling machines provide a consistent fill level, which makes them ideal for filling liquids into transparent containers through which consumers can see the product. Gravity and pressure overflow machines are intended for use with liquids of thin to medium viscosity. Some models are designed for specialty filling applications and are used to fill low-viscosity products into small glass containers.

Net Weigh Bottle Fillers

Net weigh liquid fillers are ideal for ensuring that each container filled contains the same volume of product. They are especially efficient at filling large quantities of products, as well as products that are worth more and could result in more significant profit loss if wasted.

Choosing and installing the right type of liquid filler is one of the most vital steps to take when building or improving a production line. Make sure you know which piece of equipment is ideal for your application before making a purchase, but with the right manufacturer behind your selection and installation, you can get help from professionals when making your choice.





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