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Useful Tips for Improving Your Website for 2018 Audiences

Useful Tips for Improving Your Website for 2018 Audiences

Website design has come a long way in the past five years. The field even saw several significant changes in the past couple of years. As technology changes, customer expectations also change. For web designers, this means creating a website that can accommodate search engine requirements, new devices, and customer demands. Outdated websites do suffer from the competition, especially when associated with a business. Therefore, to make sure your website can actually attract users in 2018, follow the below tips:

Ditch the Excess Components and Make the Site Speedy as Possible

Is your website littered with various plug-ins, forms, APIs, and other components? Then it is definitely time for a serious de-cluttering of your site. Get rid of all components that are not absolutely necessary. There are two reasons for this change. One is security. Most third-party components, especially outdated components, pose a serious security threat to websites. Secondly, extra plug-ins mean extra loading time. If your website doesn’t load under 3 seconds, the bounce rate would be quite high. A high bounce rate will cause your site’s page ranking to suffer as well. Therefore, make sure site speedy and secure by getting rid of unnecessary components.

Create Evergreen Articles

How well is your website written? Are there articles that inform and engage visitors? If so, how well written and interesting are these? To improve the overall appearances and usefulness of your site, create evergreen articles. Evergreen articles are those articles without a time stamp. These articles don’t become outdated with the next news cycle. Hire a great website content writing Melbourne to get plenty of high-traffic, high-converting evergreen articles on your site to boost rankings and visitor interest.

Ensure the Best Mobile Responsiveness

If your site is not mobile responsive, it might as well not exist. Increase the mobile responsiveness of your website by using the right template and designing minimalist pages. There are plenty of other ways to make a site mobile responsive. The point is, these ideas should be implemented. Make sure your website is mobile responsive across various handheld devices to keep attracting customers.

Offer an Interruption-Free Browsing Experience

No modern web users like to visit a website and be bombarded with pop-up windows and interstitial pages. Instead, offer users what they expect: a seamless browsing experience without any delays. So don’t keep asking site visitors to give up their email address because they won’t and will most likely abandon the website.

Provide Live Chat Customer Support

If your website offers commercial products or services of any sort, then it’s best to offer live chat customer support. Look at WME Group websites. It’s more effective and customer-friendly than regular email or online query support. It’s speedy as well and will encourage visitors to interact with your website more. Websites with live chat support are highly preferred by consumers compared to websites with no support.

In addition to the above, don’t forget security is also a major concern in this year and very likely beyond as well. Consumers are also overtly cautious online and prefer to use highly secure sites. Even if your website is only just a blog, security should be taken seriously. Make sure your website has an SSL security certificate and other security verification tools that ensure customer privacy and protects business data. With added security and using suggestions above, your website would be certainly ready for 2018.


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