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Uses of Garbage disposal units

Uses of Garbage disposal units

A garbage disposal unit is all you need in your kitchen and you would also agree to the fact that it is by far the most abused machines of your kitchen. Garbage disposal systems, if not maintained properly can lead to jams, clogs, expensive plumbing and to top it all odor. Many disposal problems could be easily avoided if the disposal system is maintained and kept up to date. Many homeowners prefer to get a low profile garbage disposal which makes the kitchen clean and odorless.

But the basic question is that how do you operate the garbage disposal unit? For the starters, make sure that you first let the cold water run for at least 15-20 seconds. Let the leftover grind and flush down the drain and then after ensuring that the disposal path is clear, you can turn off the supply of water. You must totally avoid flushing in the food items that are not biodegradable. Such as plastics, glass, metal etc. must be avoided to flush down the low profile garbage disposal. Besides, items such as onion peels, celery stalks, potato peels, corn husks etc. which are tough skinned or fibrous must also be avoided. These fibers can put the performance of the garbage disposal unit in a great jeopardy as they would wrap around the blades of the unit and create a jam or clogging in the drain. Apart from that, avoid putting oil in the garbage disposal unit. Anything which can cause bad odor or can cause clogged pipes or something which can accumulate and hamper the performance of the garbage disposal unit must be avoided under all circumstances.

You must keep your garbage disposal unit smelling fresh all the time. The bad odor gets caused due to the accumulation of the food which doesn’t get flushed off. You may put in a few drops of lemon juice in order to remove the bad odor. Vinegar is another option which lets the garbage unit smell fresh. At times, you might hear a humming sound coming from the unit, the reason could be the jammed or clogged drain. You can try to fix the problem with the help of a wooden spoon if you are able to see the problem area and in case you have no clue it is best to get in touch with the professionals who can clean it up for you. Read the instructions properly before installing and using the garbage disposal unit.




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