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Video Conferencing – Geographical Boundaries Redefined

Video Conferencing – Geographical Boundaries Redefined

As is rightly said, Time is Money. A typical corporate day starts with team huddles to encourage cumulative efforts to achieve business goals. And to allow an effective coordination and communication among executives/ teams located at diverse geographical location; video conferencing is the key.

Video Conferencing, as evident from the terminology, involves the usage of technology to receive and transmit audio-visual signals by remotely located group of participants to create a real-time communication among them. As communication is a critical factor for businesses to operate efficiently; video conferencing offers a much better communication option than teleconferencing as it allows virtual presence of all group participants at one place.

Real – Time Experience in Real World

  • Video conferencing has already revolutionized field of distance education, news media and even personal smart phone devices. In healthcare sector, video conferencing has proved to be a boon to patients as it allows them to seek necessary routine or emergency healthcare by contacting doctors/ nurses or other paramedics. Medical records in a real-time can be transmitted to a healthcare center with the aid of specially configured devices like video endoscopes and ultrasound imaging devices thereby allowing a timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • Professional lectures, group study can be arranged in real-time to overcome mobility issues of the participants. News media is also making an excellent use of video conferencing by devising expert talk shows.
  • As video conferencing allows face to face meetings of remotely located participants in a very convenient and cost-effective way, businesses need to get themselves equipped with the necessary set up.
  • Apart from the basic hardware requirements for a Video conferencing setup, there are various free screen sharing software available online to choose from that can make your web conferencing/ online meetings a real fun. The screen sharing software allows you to have a personal link to help participants have a preface of the online meeting/ video conferencing. You may also have a creatively customized personal meeting background to make it more interesting and a fun activity. You can change these meeting backgrounds often to make it appear more appealing.

Video conferencing being an integral part of today’s business life; asks for a due consideration in terms of time and money.

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