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VoLTE Evolution Accelerates the Mobile Internet in India

VoLTE Evolution Accelerates the Mobile Internet in India

The dynamic nature of technology makes it imperative for network industries to adapt to newer trends every now and then. Even the wireless communications technology is encountering its next-generation experience with innovations in Long Term Evolution or LTE. LTE is accelerating the process of evolution of mobile internet, adding to the increase in postpaid connection usage and helping a larger number of people to connect through a single network. It is, however, the voice services that the telecom industries offer which for the users is increasingly becoming the main communication channel.

Voice calls are termed as VoLTE and it is the 4G LTE data network that they are provisioned over which basically makes voice another application riding on the LTE data network. As reports by Kleiner Perkins’ Internet Trends Report 2017 the monthly wireless data consumption in the month of March 2017 in India soared to 1.3 billion GB a month which in the month of June 2016 was 200 million GB a month. This is just how fast things are changing and technology has to keep up its pace with innovation.

If you look at the developments leading up to this huge figure of data consumption in the country, you would see that the government initiatives encouraging the adoption of a digital way of life, and even facilitating major milestones like digital payments through smartphones, have had a great role to play. It is clear from the fast-changing model of internet usage in India that 2017 surely was the year of 4G. Be it the growth in number of 4G handsets or the rising number of consumers switching to 4G as well as postpaid plans, the fact that different network service providers are teaming up with various brands to offer low-cost data and free voice calling is proof that India is set to present an increasing demand for better voice calling and superfast internet.

Even though VoLTE is the result of latest innovation, service providers have to face the challenge of meeting customer expectations developed over years of using reliable voice calls. Hence, VoLTE faces the pressure of being just as good but even better for the customers to choose this medium above anything else. It is really the 4G coverage which is the absolute key to solving this problem. As network services are pretty inconsistent with their data coverage especially in the rural parts of the country it is important to opt for the right network service provider. For example, Airtel is extensively appreciated for its network coverage all over the country and Airtel postpaid plans are interestingly reasonably priced.

While it is the mobile phone that is credited with providing people easy access to a range of services like health, finances etc. the credit actually goes to the internet. This is exactly why network service providers have a key role to play – by making superfast internet available even in remote areas giving people the ability to tackle issues like agriculture, education and governance. In conclusion, for you to make most of the opportunity made available by these service providers you can avail a postpaid connection from an established network service provider with strong network coverage in your area.

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