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Website Performance Matters

Website Performance Matters

We remember the days when having a website for your company was a luxury and something that made you stand out from the crowd. But, nowadays it is an essential part of business that everyone has.

Since there is money to be made from your website, you have got to make sure that your business beats your competitors and stands out on Google search results. After all, who actually scrolls past the first page on Google?

So, if you want to be number one, you have got to master Google’s search algorithm. There are a number of ranking factors that will be taken into account, which means it is time to complete an overhaul of your website and optimize content for maximum engagements.

Let’s have a look at how you can get started today.

Website Speed

Web users can be impatient. In fact, the majority of us are! It takes around four seconds for customers to leave your website and search for a competitor instead. Page speed also plays a big role in your Google ranking. This means that if your website is slow, it will cost you future business in more ways than one.

So, why is your website slow? A lot of the time it is because of having no JavaScript, large image sizes of not having gzip compression. All you’ve got to do is optimize your website to get it up to speed; literally. There are free tools online you can use to examine your website speed, including PageSpeed Insights. This will help you fix issues that you are having.

Mobile Friendly

People are always on their mobile phones and this includes your potential customers. But, is your website optimized to accommodate other devices? Again, nobody is going to stay on a website that does not load properly or is complicated for mobile use. That is why you have got to make sure your website offers a great experience for every user. This includes having an interface that is easy to understand and navigate when you are using a mobile device.

Quality Content

You want to be high in Google rankings, but keyword stuffing and writing lots of non-original website content is not going to cut it. You have got to make sure your content offers value to your audience and it is enjoyable to read. Otherwise, you risk having a high bounce rate and duration on your webpages, which will affect your ranking.

The key to a great website and top ranking is quality over quantity. You need to create content that is engaging and offers customers answers to their questions. Of course, do not think you can have it all done in one day. You have got to keep updating your content to that it keeps up with the times. Remember; it can take several months to see a different in your website statistics. Give your content time to work and consistently add new blog posts and rewrite pages to gain traction.

On Page SEO

Of course, quality content is important for your website, but there are also lots of on page SEO techniques you can use to increase your Google ranking and double your traffic. This includes optimizing title tags and URL text, as well as creating backlinks and external links. All of these techniques will make your website valuable to your customers, as well as prove to Google that you are a reputable source and should be ranked highly.

Running your company website can be a difficult job and you are losing business if you don’t do it correctly. Since marketing is a time-consuming and hard task, you can turn to a professional for help. Azuri Group is specialised in marketing for medical clinics, which means you can improve your business before you know it.

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