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What are the common printer problems?

What are the common printer problems?

Technology is improving day by day and so you can also find printers get better. However, with the improvement comes certain drawbacks too. Most of the printers tend to suffer from some printer problem or the other. Nonetheless, it doesn’t imply that you will need to visit the service center regularly or call a technician home. In some cases, you might solve these printer problems on your own. While the problems can appear to be really tricky, if you have the right knowledge you can solve them.


Some of the most common printer problems include:

  1. Stopping due to low ink

One of the most common printer problems includes low ink warnings. Most of the printers give you a warning signal that you shouldn’t ignore. The low ink warning has been designed so that you can find time to replace the ink. If the ink completely runs out of the cartridge, your following prints get damaged. Sometimes, it can affect internally too. Make sure you replace the ink when you get such a signal.

  1. Slowing down

After a few years of usage, printers can become slow. Just like another machine, even they need servicing. A printer can also work slowly due to maintenance. If the printer isn’t maintained and kept in good condition from time to time, the cartridges get damaged and tend to slow down. Also, if you notice your printer turning out to be slow, you should switch from high-quality print to low-quality print. You should also ensure to uncheck the duplex option from the settings.

  1. Reduced printing quality

Poor print quality is one of the most prominent and major problems of the product. It often has two types – the poor print text quality and the poor print photo quality. To resolve this problem, you should check whether the print quality has been set to the best quality option or not. Before getting a text or a photo print, the print quality in the settings section must be thoroughly checked. You should also keep a check on the quality of the paper you are using. Also, the result won’t be appropriate if you use low-quality cartridge.

  1. Jammed printing paper

It is one of the most common printer problems. Mostly, it occurs because of two reasons. The first, when the paper is stuck within the roller of the printers or the roller draws two or more papers at once. If you suffer from paper jams, you should ensure that there aren’t too many sheets on the tray. You need to place the paper properly so that the machine takes it in in the right way. Also, you are likely to suffer from this problem if the papers aren’t aligned in the proper manner.

You should keep your printer in proper condition in order to avoid the risk of damage. Buy quality products from as these will help you have the highest quality prints. Make your choices and add to cart now!

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