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What Are Traffic Calming Systems?

What Are Traffic Calming Systems?

We all have this need for speed which at times makes us do things that do violate the speed regulating laws. Ever wondered how the traffic police or even private individuals are able to track down the culprits who speed down in the lanes where there is a specified speed limit? Apart from manual inspection and enforcers present to make sure that people do not road-rush at certain predetermined places where it is essential to maintain the speed limit, there are also certain devices that help with the same. They are called traffic calming systems and include a variety of devices that help with the same.

All you need to know about traffic calming and its systems:

1) Earlier speed bumps were used as a measure to make people coercively slow down. Though it was effective for a while but then aroused other implications of using this method thereby making it obsolete.

2) Excessive fines and other such measures were also used as a part of traffic calming in order to make people understand the implications of going over the specified speed limit, over-taking on narrow roads, and other such rash driving activities. But as you can see, the traffic controllers could go only so far with such measures.

3) Then stepped in the inventive methods of traffic calming. The best used policy till date, here traffic calming systems like radar speed display signs and smart signage are used in order to increase the driver’s awareness about the situation thereby creating a dialogue between the two parties aiming at the same goal—safety first.

4) Other simple measures that help with traffic calming are as follows:

>> Diagonal parking is a way in which people can easily park their vehicles on the road and also find it easy to manoeuvre it around the busy roads too.

>> Changing one-way streets to two-way also helps in the longer run.

>> Surface treatments wherein the flooring of the road is changed in order for the driver to realize the implications of speeding around is another way of getting people to notice the urgency of doing things the right way.

These are just some selected ways in which one can get around to traffic controlling and calming. For better solutions, one can visit and find ways and means to do some traffic calming in your neighborhood. For, adopting the right techniques for traffic control is the need of the hour.


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