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What Challenges are Faced in Heavy Freight Transport?

What Challenges are Faced in Heavy Freight Transport?

It may seem ironic to start with this, many countries including ours have a high number of unpaved roads. The numbers make it clear that our road network is of poor quality and does not meet the logistics needs of a country with continental dimensions.

This shows that the challenge faced by most courier companies today surpasses the supply of technologies. It is therefore important that the carrier is more than a service provider or a business partner. You should seek a serious and efficient company, because only then will the cargo reach its destination with complete safety, ensuring the success of your cargo transportation.

Below we will list some challenges in heavy freight transportation. And the trick is: if the company does not care about these factors, get out because you’re going to have problems.


Carrying the heavy haul goes much further than putting the product on top of the cart and arriving at the final destination, as several factors ensure that the cargo transported is delivered without damage.

Planning often takes place before the fabrication of the load. It is necessary to know the involved roads of the project and the routes and to have a field team that moves physically from the origin to the destination, identifying all the impediments along the stretch, mapping alternative routes and supports necessary for the perfect execution of the transportation.


Caring about the transport of heavy cargo as a whole is a key factor in the success of the work being carried out. Starting with the accommodation, the product to be transported must be carefully secured and tied to the trucks. The weight should also be well distributed between the axles of the trucks. These are factors of great importance for the success of transportation. The irregularity of the load, especially in the matter of weight, poses an additional problem: usually, the weighing stations and scales on motorways are enemies of the conveyor.


What every customer wants when requesting a cargo transportation service is that their product arrives at the right time and without losing its quality. But unfortunately you can not predict the problems that occur in the process until the delivery of the product, so it is necessary to be attentive to the preventive and corrective measures to guarantee the best service to the consumer.

Among the causes of transport safety failures is lack of training or driver training, the poor infrastructure of highways, excessive workload, delayed fleet, lack of maintenance, failure or lack of course routing and excess weight of cargo.

Despite the difficulties and enormous challenges that the road network often presents, being prepared to present solutions for any type of cargo and heavy equipment, regardless of its size or weight, is fundamental.


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