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What Features make Clickfunnels a better option than Leadpages?

What Features make Clickfunnels a better option than Leadpages?

Chances are higher that with adequate knowledge available online pertaining to clickfunnels vs leadpages, you could derive that Clickfunnels have been deemed a relatively more powerful tool. It would not be wrong to suggest that Leadpages have been a tool used for building only the landing pages. It would not be used for anything more than its specific function. Nonetheless, you should rest assured that Leadpages have been perfect for the job.

On the other hand, Clickfunnels would go beyond the landing pages. It would be best described as a complete package. The building of landing page has been an integral aspect of the entire funnel. Moreover, Clickfunnels have been believed to be a highly advanced version of the Leadpages.

Are there any common features to both the tools?

In a number of ways, both the tools would appear similar. While making the leadpages vs clickfunnels comparison, you may come across a few important features that have been common to both.

  • Both create landing pages using easy to handle WYSIWYG editor
  • Both offer instant opt-ins
  • Both offer two-step opt-ins
  • Both have A/B split testing
  • Both encompass Webinar Funnels for online event promotion
  • Both offer mobile responsive landing pages
  • Both offer a wide number of templates and themes

What makes clickfunnels a better option than leadpages?

An important thing that makes Clickfunnels a better option than Leadpages would be the six built-in funnels or the Sales Funnels offered by the Clickfunnels. Despite both the tools offering Webinar Funnels for online event promotion needs, the Clickfunnels would cater you with highly advanced and automated Webinar Funnels.

In addition, the Clickfunnels would provide you with the following features:

  • Payment integration
  • Locking of membership content
  • Drip content
  • Member metrics
  • Ease of page or funnel replication
  • Ease of ordering channel funnel
  • Ease of tracking per page conversions
  • Relatively smarter email sequencing

Yet, both the Clickfunnels and Leadpages would offer an initial 14-day trial period. It would help you try the tools before actually purchasing it.

Cost comparison of both tools

You may compare the costs of both the tools online. Despite the Clickfunnels appearing relatively expensive than the Leadpages tool, the former would make every dime spent worthwhile by offering you a wide range of features and conversions. Nonetheless, both the tools have different functionalities. Therefore, a price comparison would not actually be worth the effort.


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