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What is a Lawyer on Demand?

What is a Lawyer on Demand?

Lawyers are an essential part of any judicial system.  However, they are also generally an expensive commodity.  The average person cannot afford to retain a lawyer just in case they are needed.  Retaining a lawyer and having a direct connection with them is, effectively having a lawyer on demand.  When you need a lawyer you simply call the firm you are registered with and they will provide the necessary advice over the phone or they will visit you to discuss your next move.

Who Needs a Lawyer on Demand?

Most people will assume that high powered business executives will have lawyers on demand; they may even have them on their payroll to ensure every legal ramification can be looked at before any decisions are made.  There is also the assumption that prolific criminals will have their own lawyer on demand; because they need someone to help them get out of trouble when they get caught.

However, the reality is that everyone can benefit from a lawyer on demand; but not everyone can afford to retain a lawyer.  In fact, it is generally true that only high earners and large companies can afford to hire the best lawyers.  Most other individuals and small businesses manage without legal advice unless it is essential.  In truth, everyone could benefit from having a lawyer on demand; there are many decisions made throughout life which could be improved or made easier with the help of a lawyer.

Accessing a Lawyer on Demand

There are actually three different ways to access a lawyer on demand; depending upon your circumstances.

  1. Retainer – As mentioned already, you can register with a local law firm and for a set fee gain access to lawyers throughout the year. They will advise you on a variety of matters by phone and even in a meeting if necessary.  However, any additional services, such as representing you in court, will incur extra charges.  This type of arrangement will provide a lawyer on demand but can come at a high cost.
  2. When you are in Trouble – It is much easier than most people think to fall foul of the law. You can be arrested for driving under the influence or for a wide array of small misdemeanors.  If you do not already have a lawyer on a retainer and cannot afford to hire one then you can be appointed one by the state.  This is a lawyer on demand who will do their best to assist you.  However, they are unlikely to have the same level of experience as a retained lawyer from a big firm and are likely to have a large case load.
  3. As Needed – A new approach to retaining lawyers is being trialed and involves you contacting the firm to discuss your issue. You can call at anytime to get instant advice; the subscription service costs are minimal and you can access some of the best lawyers on demand without needing to pay hefty retainers throughout the year.  There is also the option to hire an individual lawyer for further work if required.

The importance of knowing who to call if you have an issue should never be underestimated.  Access to any kind of lawyer on demand will improve your situation dramatically; if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law or even simply need advice.

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