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What Is IVR and Why Business Needs a Smart IVR System

What Is IVR and Why Business Needs a Smart IVR System

Nowadays business has become particular about enhancing customer service quality, largely owing to rising competition and better educated customers. Technological innovations come in handy to enhance quality of customer service, and IVR systems (interactive voice response systems) are deployed widely by numerous companies. 

An IVR solution serves as the first step interface between customer and customer service department. Its efficiency is critical for enhanced customer relationships. Ultimately, quite a number of contact centers opt for Genesys IVR support system, as well as other Genesys solutions to handle customer services workflows. 

IVR Basics

IVR denotes interactive voice response – technology that enhances telephonic communication between parties and offers much flexibility. It can be used to deal with several callers at the same time, rout calls based on conditions and play recorded messages to callers to offer menu based actions. 

There are several types of IVR, and with technological evolution IVR systems have become more feature-rich. Since IVR technology is getting more complex each passing day, it has become almost imperative for contact centers to reach out to consulting and development companies that offers phone system support and Genesys tech support, such and Miratech and other Genesys partners. These companies have teams of highly skilled Genesys technical support engineers that can help set up an IVR system quickly and properly. 

Popular IVR types used in customer service sector:

  • IVR for Self-Service
  • Hosted IVR/Cloud IVR
  • Agent-Assisted IVR
  • Hybrid IVR

How Business Can Benefit From an IVR system

Adopting and deploying an IVR solution can be beneficial to a company in many ways, regardless of industry. 

First of all, having an IVR system can help a company handle excess number of callers in a balanced and streamlined way. When agents are busy speaking with other callers, IVR system offers other incoming callers an array of options that include holding for an agent, using the menu to find necessary information, and even the option to leave a message and receive a call back later. This is way better than having to hear busy signal after dialing the helpline number.

Not all callers have the same needs and they may call for different reasons. Some of the callers may need to be treated on a priority basis. An IVR system can be tweaked to rout calls based on conditions, and calls from certain callers can be routed to specific agents, for example. 

IVR system is never tired and can be used to serve callers 24×7. This may be useful for the brands that receive call from abroad and from different time zones. 

Having an IVR system on board helps customer service agents as well. Excess calls can be handled by the IVR system, thus reducing the risk for the agents to get overloaded and burn out. The agents can be taking care of important calls while IVR would be handling more simple issues. 

IVR systems can come in handy in product promotion as well. Recorded messages can be used to endorse ongoing and upcoming offers in a suitable manner, which can appeal to a certain group of customers. Also, a separate menu option can be reserved for callers that are specifically interested in offers and promotions. 

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