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What is the Click2Sell platform? A Complete Review

What is the Click2Sell platform? A Complete Review is an automated affiliate system designed to help marketers sell products and services using powerful tools. The platform is designed to be used by marketers of all experience levels including new starters and has been described as the Wix of online advertising campaigns. Read our Click2Sell review today to find out more about this fast-growing advertising platform.

How does it work?   

The platform offers a range of tools to help users create their own marketing campaigns. Users will start by choosing the category of the campaign such as Business, Entertainment, Fashion or Betting Systems, and their wording. Then they can add visual elements such as a variety of pre-designed banners for each category and select the ad placement in the websites (both desktop and mobile).

The service has been designed with ease-of-use in mind and allows users to purchase different levels of traffic in the form of packages. These packages determine the number of impressions the campaign receives. The bigger the package, the more exposure the campaign receives.  

There are two levels to the reward model, which are PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPA (Pay Per Acquisition). With PPC, the user receives 85% of the revenue from the click, whilst PPA delivers them 85% of the commission. The service is mainly targeted towards inexperienced users aiming to generate profits from marketing and advertising online, though it is also used by various professionals. is suited for marketers who don’t want to get overwhelmed by the costs, efforts and technical skills required to plan a full advertising campaign.

How can everyday people make money from the platform?    

Click2Sell has been created to benefit those with limited or no technical or graphical knowledge. Though there is no guarantee that users will make money via the platform, the chances of success are increased once investment is made and hard work takes place. The platform offers a range of benefits to brands, individuals, agencies and affiliate networks by streamlining the entire process of building a marketing campaign.  

It is possible to target millions of ‘highly-targeted’ users in a relatively short time, and make some interesting profits as the campaigns are refined and optimized. Users have nothing to install or download and are able to track the progress of their campaign from anywhere as long as an internet connection is available to them. The platform also provides high-quality graphics to sellers, meaning no knowledge of Photoshop or similar packages is required. It also comes with a simple intuitive interface that allows new users to launch their campaign within minutes. It’s also possible to make extra cash via by referring a friend. Users can explore their transaction history, update their payment methods and withdraw funds at any point.   

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