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What is the Difference Between Commercial Garage Doors and Residential Garage Doors?

What is the Difference Between Commercial Garage Doors and Residential Garage Doors?

The difference between commercial garage doors and residential garage doors are in their name, meaning one is used only for homes, and the other is mostly used in an industrial setting. But this is not the only difference they have.

Residential garage doors are different from commercial garage doors in size and materials, but their functions are the same. So, let’s read on to find out what are the differences.

  • Size of Garage Door

The commercial garage doors are normally bigger than the residential garage doors. The average height of the door of a residential garage is seven feet tall, whereas, a commercial garage door can be much taller. The reason is that in industries loading and unloading of products take place, and so they require much higher doors.

  • Materials Utilized

Unlike industrial doors, residential garage doors can be made with a wide variety of products. From steel to timber and everything in between, you can have almost any type of personalized garage door made to suit the design of your house. Different products offer differing degrees of protection, so you could intend to keep this in mind when selecting a new door for garage.

  • Extra Features

Like iron joints and attractive handles, you can customize your household garage door to add aesthetic attract your home. While these added functions might be included in an industrial door, they simply aren’t needed.

Besides aesthetic appeals, architectural toughness can be contributed to domestic doors to boost their strength. This is a great suggestion for locations that have especially harsh storms, like hurricanes. Commercial doors can be enhanced, but they typically don’t need to be.

To conclude, residential garage doors provide houses the chance to boost their curb charm and their safety and security. While these doors are usually extra enticing to the eye, commercial garage doors are extra durable and enable even more opportunities as for storage.

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