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What to do when you see the VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE on your Windows 10 computer?

What to do when you see the VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE on your Windows 10 computer?

Errors are quite common on any computer and they come up from time to time. But they can be quite irritating when we are working on something and it suddenly comes in front of us. It can lead to lagging of the computer or it may shut down completely. You can read more about different types of errors on Here we will talk about the VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE error which is often seen on Windows 10 computers. We will also discuss about the easiest solutions that you can have for the problem.

What is the VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE error?

There are some errors which can make you quite frustrated and the VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE error is one among them. It falls under the errors which gives the Blue Screen of Death where the screen of the computer goes blue and doesn’t respond to anything. This often restarts the computer and shows you the failed module as nvlddmkm.sys, igdkmd64.sys or atikmpag.sys.

How to fix the VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE error?

When you have an error in your computer the first thing that you want to do is get rid of the error as soon as possible. There are certain ways to get rid of a specific error. Here we will discuss about the way which will help you when there is a VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE error displayed on your computer. So, here are the steps:

  • It is important to keep the video card drivers updated so that such errors do not occur often. You can click on ‘update driver’ to get it done once you have the error.
  • You can also delete the video card drivers that are present on your computer and install fresh ones.
  • One can also rollback the driver if the error is showing after a recent update.
  • You may need to restore the Windows 10 registry if a problem happens in it which may show the error message.
  • One can also manually install the driver once again to get rid of the problem.
  • If your computer has the option to block video card overclocking, then do proceed with it.
  • You may also check for the malwares which may result into error messages.

So, here are some of the solutions that will help you if there is a VIDEO-TDR-FAILURE error on your Windows 10 computer. Sometimes you may also need to go for additional error corrections which you can find on the internet. If you think that the problem is serious, then do consult a professional to fix it.




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