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What to Know About privacy policy of Screwfix?

What to Know About privacy policy of Screwfix?

Do you know that on what factors Screwfix privacy policy has been based on? Well, there are so many of the readers who do want to know about the privacy policy on which the Screwfix has been based upon. It is to be mentioned that Screwfix has been much conscious when it comes to protecting the personal information and data of their customers or clients. There are so many more conditions that they do keep in mind for the customers.

  • Screwfix privacy policy does make sure that your credit, debit or charge card is not being used without your consent. They will be hence validating with your name as well as address and so as any sort of the personal information supplied as during the course of the order processing as against appropriate third-party databases.
  • They do even keep a check against the fact that your personal information which you provided may not get disclosed to a registered Credit Reference Agency. This information will be hence related to the categories of the payment clearance, credit reference, plus the order fulfilment, delivery, data analysis or customer support.

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  • The company would just be disclosing your personal data at the point when they are under some sort of legal duty to comply by means of the legal obligation. Or it might be possible as order to enforce or apply our Terms and Conditions and other agreements.
  • It might be possible that they will disclose it as in order to protect our rights, as well as the property or safety of our customers.

There are so many stages in which you will be providing your personal information to the company Screwfix. This happens at the time when you will be placing the order as for whether in-store, online or even as through our contact center. You also have to provide the information when you are registering on your website or even when you register on our Screwfix Community Forum, or even to ask a question or provide an answer to a question on a product.

The company would also be making the use of the aggregate information and statistics for the sake as in monitoring website usage. This would in return be helping out the company to get some aggregate information to the side of the third parties.  We as a trustworthy company for our clients, do let them get some sort of information about the special features and offers. We may also want to provide you with related information from the side of the third parties.

Plus, we would also be collecting information related to the general internet usage by the way of using a cookie file. We would rather be collecting information about your computer that adds the domain name, IP address, plus the operating system, and also the browser version. If you provide the company with the mobile number, then they will send you a message about your item being ready in the collection store.



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